Milk and Chococlothes

This is a scam. I'm mad at myself for not googling before I ordered. Right after I ordered I looked them up and wanted to kick myself. Terrible reviews! I instantly emailed them and said I wanted to cancel my order but of course no answer. 4 days later I get an automated email saying they shipped- of course no tracking number. If it shipped already shouldn't there be a tracking number? Then I sent another email saying it didn't ship, there is no tracking, I want it cancelled! THEN I get an email saying the same crap and that it did ship. There was tracking then-I see it's COMING FROM CHINA. It said it hadn't shipped on the tracking so I emailed AGAIN saying I see it hasnt shipped I want it cancelled and I hear nothing. I've sent three more emails (THERE IS NO NUMBER TO CALL) and I've heard nothing. I know that if I even get the stuff it will be crap and I even told them to start the return process now even before it comes, and I heard nothing. My plan is to dispute the charge with my credit card company because I know the product will not be like advertised on pictures. I'm so mad I didn't read reviews before. Really unfortunate. It's been almost a week since I ordered so I'll wait and see if they respond but I'm going to work on the dispute fairly quickly. All these clothing boutiques advertised on Facebook are all the same scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM ANY.

Jun 01, 2018

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