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Here is the story: I walked into this Mazda/Subaru Dealership because I wanted a new car. But like everyone else, I had specific budget to meet and certain requirement for my trade in. I was looking for a brand new car and a lease. The salesperson was a former professor of mine in University and said he would get me a great deal. Showed me a deal but I wasn't really too sold on it. I called the next closest and largest city for a couple quotes. I got some really good offers and decided I would do my business elsewhere. The salesperson called me and I told I wasn't interested anymore and there were better deals than his. Then he told me he would match the similar offers just to keep my business in lethbridge. He always told me that it would be ideal for me to buy a car from a local dealership because it would be easier to service. I agreed that I would give him time to hear out his offer. I arrive at the dealership at 4:30 and went over the details of the other offers. He told me that he didn't have any base models but He told me can give me a higher model at $380. I told that is fine and I need some money for my trade so that way, it can guarantee at least 6-8 months of payment without worrrying about it. He said he understood and he would try to work out. The dealership went to test drive my car and it went back and forth on the price. Then he told me the price was $395 because he didn't factored in the Taxes, etc. The only solution they provided was that i sign and they would sell my car for me. Even the owner of the dealership said, "what can we do to close this deal?" I told him exactly what i told the salesperson and he came back and said no. I shooked his hand and walked away with ill feelings toward this dealership and my former professor. If you can't make a deal, don't waste everyone's time.

Things that were signs of bad customer service
1) he did utter a couple swears word (due to frustration, I understand but there is a line between business/personal)
2) he didn't really listen to what my requirements were. I told him if he was able to meet, i would sign the dotted line
3)I told him that if this deal were to cause him any types of difficulties, grief or personal lost, it was best for both parties to walk away.
4) They give another excuse to close the sale rather than help their customer. Instead of buying my car, they would consign it (without taking anymoney from commision!!!) and I would have a new car while it was being sold. hmm, locks me into a contract without and any guarantee that mine could be sold.

What I made me really mad was that they didn't tell me the truth. If the deal couldn't be done, it couldn't be done!!! A little honesty would have come a long way. If they had simply said, "Richard, I am sorry, we can't do it." That was all that needed to be said. Nothing more. How hard is "no?"

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  • Me
      Apr 13, 2009

    I walked into Milestone Mazda to inquire about getting a newer used vehichle. I knew exactly what kind of car I was looking for and had very few specific requests (i.e lower km/color/manual transmission). With cash at hand I thought that it would be very easy to make a purchase once Milestone found me a car as they did not have one available on the lot. The first sales person that I dealt with explained to me that within one week he would be able to get back to me with some ideas on available vehicles since the Mazda dealership searches databases all over Canada each day. One week passed by and no call. At two weeks I called the sales person to see what was going on and was forced to leave a message as he was not available at that time. I did not receive a call back that day nor did I recieve a call the following day. I contacted Milestone Mazda to speak with the sales manager to discuss this matter and the fact that I was being dismissed. The sales manager apologized for the poor customer service and explained that they wanted to make things right and find me a car and set up a meeting with me to discuss what I wanted. Shortly after this call the previous salesman contacted me and when I asked why it had taken him so long to get back to me he gave me a pathetic excuse that he had tried to call but he got cut off. Apparently trying to call me back again was not a thought that occurred to him. I did not receive any apology for my inconvenience and he tried to tell me that he had only found cars that I was looking for over 250 000KM. I called him on this lie as I had viewed a number of cars on AutoTrader that easily fit my description. Needless to say this salesman was no longer part of the equation. When I met with the Milestone Mazda owner and his used car salseman I explained what I was looking for and my budget details. Both individuals explained to me that they would continue to check their databases and auctions to find me a car expecially after my horrible experience with their salesman. Within the next week the calls I received from Milestone Mazda proved that they had not listened to my requests at all. They offered me cars that were way over my budget, the wrong transmission, wrong colors and even suggested I buy a different car etc. The final annoyance was when they called me about some 'new find' they had discovered when in fact it was a car that I recognized had been on AutoTrader for one month already. After a few days I did not even recieve a follow up call on that "new find". I had made the assumption that going through a local dealership would have made my car shopping easy and stress free however it was none of the above. I ended up finding a car in calgary (Sunridge Mazda) that was also on AutoTrader and once I inquired Sunridge Mazda about it I recieved immediate feedback, pictures and a phone call from the salesman. I made it up to calgary within the next couple days and had excellent service all the way through. I am very dissapointed that the salesman at Milestone Mazda would provide such poor customer service to someone looking to spend a great deal of money at their business especially in this economy. After this experience I would not reccommend Milestone Mazda to anyone.

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  • Sh
      Apr 28, 2009

    There are two sides to every story. I have been to Milestone Mazda on several occasions for both sales and service and have been treated very well every time. I would recommend them very highly.

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  • Ha
      May 01, 2009

    I have just bought my new car from Milestone. Well I should say new to me. Anyway the service I recived and the upfront responce to its condition and records was great. Also when I came to make the deal I was made to feel comfortable and welcome. As due to the Fact that I live in the Hat and it was a complicated deal becuase I was selling my car myself they made it easy to hold the car for me for almost to weeks to take car of everything I had to do. As to the comment about showing cars that dont meet the budget I think they worked very well to acomedate my budget as well as gave me options as to lower or higher. I think that sales people sometimes get a bad rap for showing or selling products that are more money than we want to spend. Lets not forget thats their job and I like to have a choice in my life, if I decide on the more expencive car is becuase thats what I want not what someone told me to pick. Also maybe the sales person was having a bad day, we all have those right? My salemen was a young guy maybe 25 or so and was great to deal with and I was accutally refered to him becuase of his integraty.
    I would reccomend him and Milestone to anyone, in fact I already have.

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