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I ordered my wedding dress from them on 08/13/09. Ordered white and a stock size 10. Was sent a white dress with black trim instead. I immediately contacted customer service as my wedding was quickly approaching. Instead of letting me return it, milanoo offered me 10usd. I guess they figured that only 10% of the dress had the completely wrong color. I went back and forth with them and was offered a full refund finally. Of course I never got it and they refuse to answer my emails or calls now. They said they sent it to my specifications even though I didn't request black on my wedding dress. The sash is not removable and is sewn into the whole front of the dress - a black band of trim. They are criminal. Horrible company. Recieved the dress on 09/11/09 and had to find something on ebay for my 09/26/09 wedding.

Here is a copy of my original order...
Shipping address: xxxxx janine
United states
California xxxxx

Your selected shipping option:
>estimated ship date for this item: 2009-09-01
>estimated delivery date for this item: 2009-09-07

Please send the dress in white with a white sash. Thank you!

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  • Al
      Jul 21, 2010

    This company is a complete rip off. If you are in the US and purchase anything outside the US there is no protection to receive the goods that you pay for. This is true for the fraud that was commited by
    They will certainly take your money but never guarantee your purchase. You have better odds with the lottery than with the integrity of this company. I went to their testimonials site and from the "bogus" compliments made about this company, it is strange they never show you the face of the person in their so-called pictures of individuals wearing their costumes. The compliments have to be made by the company themselves. I have to admit I was taken for my money and I should have known that if it is too good to be true then it probably is. Buyer beware, especially with this company. DON"T BUY FROM MILANOO.COM and make them go out of business.

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  • Ko
      Aug 31, 2010

    Hi everyone. It's bad that you had bad experience with, I guess bad luck for you.

    I'm a wedding dress retailer from Russia, and I ordered two dresses from Milanoo, just to see the quality of their work. Both dresses are stunning! and look exactly like designer dresses on the picture. The quality of sewing is perfect, all the details are beautiful. Customer support is very nice, they always took into consideration my concerns and were very understanding. I recently placed another order of wedding dresses for almost $1000 with Milanoo, they offered me a 15% discount and refunded it back on my PayPal that same day.

    I also ordered Lolita dresses from them, the quality is superb!

    I'm a real person, and not working for Milanoo. If someone wants to see real pictures of wedding dresses I got from the, please email me at koroleva.[protected]

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  • Te
      Dec 01, 2010

    CALL THEM!!! Don't use the exact number on the site because its wrong (probably on purpose). The real number is 011-862-[protected]. It doesn't have a normal ring sound, its sounds closer to a busy signal sound. They panic when you call. You would have to call after 8pm EST to reach them due to the time difference.

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  • To
      Dec 15, 2010

    Never received my product that i have ordered, it is so nice i tried ordering in Chinabuye and the shipment is fast and every products is always in great condition.

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  • Ko
      Dec 31, 2010

    see more at

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  • Kk
      Feb 08, 2011

    I completely agree I ordered a dress for a friends wedding and the wrong colour dress arrived and they would not return my emails and I tried to talk with them online through their chat and they would make promises and did not refund my money and stopped answering emails. I ordered from another online site and had no problems with them, but never ever would I order from Milanoo and would encourage others to avoid dealing with this company.

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  • Be
      Jul 23, 2011

    I looked at milanoo for a long time and almost buy my dress from them, I gave up my thought after read so many negative reviews though I think milanoo have professional and beautiful website.

    I finally bought my dress from which recommended by my friend, it looks very nice and well made!

    Besides me, I do know quite a few people that have ordered from china manufacturers like milanoo, perfectweddingforever for their wedding dresses and have got them come and were very satisfied. Most do advertise that its a designer replica and not the actual brand. Now it does take 4-8 weeks to get it in most cases as thy have to custom make it and then send it. I also know a girl that went to a local seamstress got measurements of all 5 of her girls and sent it and just got all their dresses come last week with no complaints. But again it all depends on you and what you want. If you want the fanciness at a fraction of the cost then go for it ..if money isnt an option for you then maybe not.

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  • Kk
      Jul 03, 2012

    I am going on 3 years and they never did resolve my issue I ordered a dress from them and they didn't send the item on time and they refused to refund my money once I asked for it back and told them that they sent the wrong colour dress. They are a bunch of thieves.

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