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My daughter got a credit card 5 or 6 years ago with a 500 dollar limit on it and couldn't pay it off after a year. two weeks ago someone from this midland funding with someone they said was a court officer showed up at her house and gave her some court papers that stated that she either paid them 1265.00 NOW or they were authorized to take her jeep. this was for the balance of the card plus a bunch of fees and interest and costs. they told her if they took the jeep which was real old and couldn't sell it right away she would then be charged for storage fees. and if they couldn't sell it for enough to cover the costs that she would be charged for more money or lose more property.

she had 600 dollars on her only because she just got paid and borrowed the rest from the neighbor. and they wrote paid in full on the paper and left. that was her bill money and money to get her kids some clothes and shoes for school. I have never heard of such a thing happening. has anyone else had this happen. and is this a legitmate thing or was this a scam and a way to rip people off. And is there anything we can do about this.

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  • Va
      Sep 10, 2010

    This is not legal, she should of called the POLICE right then and there! DO NOT LET ANYONE Bully to this way. Midland would have had to go to court and get a judgement against you and still they would not have been able to take your vehicle or anythingels for that matter. I hope you ask them for a copy and a reciept. This was a shake down, no one comes to your houst this way, not anyone doing it the legal way and thats the only way that matters. I have had they same kind of a card and did not pay the anitial fee and went to charge an item, but decided I did not want this card and return the item, crediting the card. The company decided still owned them for the fees, I told them try and get it. No One is going to bully me...Just call the local police and see what happens. Remember what I am saying, you have rights!


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