Midland Mortgage a division of MidFirst Bank / Failure to release insurance funds for repair

P.O. Box 26648 , Oklahoma City, OK, United States
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Phone: 4054261299

I am a contractor that contracted to a homeowner to do repairs to her home that were covered by insurance proceeds from storm damage. Received the check from the insurance company that was made out to the homeowner as well as her mortgage company, Midland Mortgage. I sent the check in, as well as the estimate of repairs, the contract between myself and the homeowner, my tax information, and the insurance company's explanation of benefits to Midland Mortgage to be signed off on and returned for payment of repairs. Midland Mortgage did not call, communicate or send any info. I called to check the status of the check and they refused to speak to me (even after them having a copy of a signed, legal contract between the homeowner and I) I advised the homeowner and she called and advised them to add me to her accounts contact list, they refused unless she sent a notarized copy in. We finally got that done, then they sent her several sheets of paper to fill out and that I had to fill out (which was overkill due to the fact they were the same type of documents that I had already sent them) we filled those out and sent them in...still nothing. Called them back and they are requesting a copy of the insurance company's adjusters report (explanation of benefits). I advised them that I had already sent that to them, they stated it was not on proper insurance company letterhead. I advised them that the insurance company had hired an independent adjusting firm to handle the file. They said "that wasn't their problem", and they needed it on insurance company letterhead. I called the insurance company and they stated that it was ridiculous, but they would do it id they received the request from the mortgage company. I called back Midland mortgage company and they stated that "it wasnt their job to request anything from the insurance company". They have now had the check for going on 3 months drawing interest on it and refuse to release it. I am also a licensed insurance adjuster here in Texas and know that Texas Department of Insurance requires mortgage companies to sign off on and return insurance checks to the insured within 30 days or show just cause why they did not. I m going to report them to the TDI. This is outrageous! I have never dealt with such as this before. Everytime I ask to speak to a supervisor, they send me to a voice mail that never gets answered and I never get a call back.

Feb 15, 2013

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