Midas MufflersTerrible experience

I took my car to Midas in Englewood, Ohio for a routine replacement of brake pads. I drive a Honda Civic with 56, 000 miles on it. I go to pick up the car the next day and the car will barely move. I pulled over at a nearby service station only to realize that the front end of my car was on fire! The vehicle was returned to Midas for them to rectify the situation and they refused. They stated that they could only replace the parts they worked on which were the pads which cost a whopping.

$240.00 for pads! They offered to fix the parts that were ruined by the fire for an additional $900.00 plus tax. They said the fire had nothing to do with their work. I had a reputable company tow the car and check it out and they found nothing wrong with the car other than the brakes which had a greasy film on them. I contacted Midas corporate and they refused to believe that their technicians were at fault and would not assist me in any way. I will never deal with Midas again nor will I recommend it to anyone I know or come into contact with.

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