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Midas review: horrible customer experience 5

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About 6 weeks ago I took my 1997 Honda Civic EX into Midas because the “Check Engine Light” was on and my car had been having a problem picking up after stopping and getting into the correct gear.

Midas told me the transmission sensor needed replaced and the transmission fluid needed flushed. I asked Midas to make the necessary repairs and paid almost $500.00. It seemed to be running okay, but later that week the same problem started to occur and soon the check engine light came on again. I took the car back to Midas to get it checked again. After two days and my repeated calling, I was told that they could not find the problem and everything with the transmission sensor was fine. They finally said to take it to the Honda dealer as Midas’s machines could not locate the issue.

I went to Roush Honda and was told that the “Transmission sensor” was bad, which was the very part that Midas had told me they had replaced and was running okay. I called Chris Bazell, the manager at Midas, and he told me, very impolitely, that Honda had not done enough testing. He asked me to come back in and he will show the Ohms rating on the transmission sensor. I’m not a mechanic, so seeing the Ohms rating would mean nothing to me. As far as I was concerned, I paid $500 to Midas to have my car fixed, and they did not fix the problem, so I have to pay Honda to get it fixed again. I asked them to pay for my repair work at Honda or reimburse me for the work they did and he very rudely said they cannot. I asked if there was anyone else who I could contact, to which he said he was it.

Midas neither fixed my car, nor reimbursed the money I spent to get it properly fixed at Honda. I truly had a horrible customer experience and will never go to Midas again nor will recommend Midas to another person.

Midas Auto Service Experts
216 Hornbeam Lane,
Lewis Center, OH 43035

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College Station, US
Mar 09, 2011 11:21 pm EST
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I have just taken my girlfriend truck and my truck to midas to have an oil change done because it is right around the corner from my house. Last time I took my truck there they put too much oil in. My truck was smoking and I took it back and explained that they put too much oil. They took some oil out for me but was trying to tell me that it wasn't that which was causing it to smoke. Now this time they handle my g/f's truck just fine, but my truck has two 4-5 inch scratches on the bed of the driver side. Manger said that it could have happened in the parking lot so there was nothing he could do about it. And that if someone bumped it he would have been notified. There was grease smudges right below it. So another customer in the parking lot put three big grease smudges and two scratches on my truck in the parking lot which nobody noticed. I don't think so.

Hamilton, US
Oct 12, 2010 10:29 am EDT

Midas 1761 South Erie Highway
Hamilton OH, 45011

On Wednesday, 10/6/10, I brought my Cobalt into the location listed above, as I noticed noisy braking. An older mechanic rode the car with me on a test drive and informed me the squeaking was due to moisture in the air, and the brakes were great. However, he did tell me I was in need of new struts. Once back at the store, I waited a good half-an-hour while the manager, Al, attempted unsuccessfully to give me a price. I was given a card and told I would receive a call, which I never did.
The following Saturday, I returned to the same location at about 6:05 for an oil change. The same mechanic informed me that the shop was closed, which contradicted the sign posted. I asked why the hours had been changed, and he responded "I WANT to go home!" and asked if I wished to schedule an appointment, I didn't.
Finally, yesterday 10/11/2010, I returned to receive the oil change. The manager Al was at the desk when I approached. The same elderly mechanic was at the door from the garage. UNBELIEVABLY, the mechanic began to tell me how I "resembled a girl that came in after close on Saturday for an oil change." He went on about how the girl, me, "demanded" service, which is completely false, and how rude she was.
To my complete surprise, the manager joined in, telling me the story about how this girl came in four times and was never satisfied. Then, he asked the mechanic, "You don't like that girl very much, do you?" He replied, "NO."
I was astounded that not only a worker, but a manager, would continue to talk about me to my face, knowingly or not. Regardless or whether or not they knew it was me I found it completely unprofessional and rude. I immediately left the store and had my mother (I'm 17) call in, she was infuriated.
While the manager completely denied the entire situation, she managed to get him to agree to give me a free oil change. Once I arrived, I received no apology and the manager pretended as if it never happened. The only positive thing I can say about this experience is that a young mechanic, I believe Dustin, was the only kind and courteous one.
If this behavior is deemed "acceptable" for a manager and his workers to torment a 17 year-old college student, I am completely opposed to the Midas company and its’ values.

Cincinnati, US
Mar 04, 2009 7:27 am EST

I agree as well. I'm in Cincinnati and Midas "suppose to had did a tune up on my 95 chevy cavalier. They said the spark plug was cracked so as they tryied to take the plug from the head of the cylinder they broke it and told me I had to pay them $700.00 to take the head off to get the broken piece of spark plug out. I don't think so. Shouldn't they be responsible for breaking it? They all so try to jack prices up on me.

Albert Esch
Oct 20, 2007 5:07 pm EDT

Almost same thing happened to me in San Mateo, California. Check engine light came on . Midas said the code 711 came in and it was a faulty Transmission sensor. After conning me into a transmission oil change and having to change a filter which they forgot to mention they were unable to fix the original problem. Took car to the dealer and they charged me $ 130.00 to fix problem which they did by cleaning the terminals and hooking back up and resetting the computer. Midas as far as I am consumed didn't need to replace the sensor as it was a wiring problem not a sensor. Then they have the gall to send me a letter saying that for being a good customer that they are giving me a ""FREE OIL CHANGE "" I dont think so...

Brad Menze
May 02, 2007 1:47 pm EDT

Right there with you brother. I've got an old Honda, an '89 Honda Accord which I still drive and love better than any care I've ever had. I had a great relationship with a midas dealership for several years. The manager and I actually became friends and he would give me as good a deal as possible, etc.

Then we moved to a new town and when it was time to change oil I took it to Midas. They changed oil and told me a fuel injector needed to be replaced. I okayed the repair. When I went to pick up the car it started hard and didn't run or idle right. I know how it idles after driving it for years, and years. That night, I took it back and left it for them to work on the next day. They called, of course, the repair is fine, runs fine. Round and round. I went in that evening and made a big stink in front of a bunch of customers and demanded to see the tech's training records for Honda work and some things like that to really throw the manager off. I knew they weren't going to either fix my car like before I brought it in or give me my money back so I just jacked with them for a while. We tried to do something through VISA but they wanted another mechanic to sign their name and say what Mida did wrong. I didn't know a mechanic in my new town and especially one who would go up against Midas. We bit it, never went back and told everyone we know. From now on, I'm only going to deal with these guys on terms I know not their damned olms meters and crap, ask for mechanic training records or pull resumes and crap like that, hit them like their unqualified. Take care.