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On March 29, 2012 I noticed three different charges charged to my bank card. I guess because I had the card saved to my console. The charges were for Microsoft points. Well the points were used for 10 different things. Upon seeing the charges, I contacted Xbox Live. I preceded to tell them that I had not made these purchases. And that none of the items downloaded were on my console. Well they claimed that they would investigate and that I would hear from them in 7-10 days. Well here it is 19 days later and no phone call or email and definitely no refund. So I call them again today. They claimed that through their investigation that the charges made came from my IP address. And like I told them, that's impossible. One our internet service was interrupted for one of the days the charges were made, and two we weren't home. Again I told them that none of these things were on our console. The customer service rep preceded to say that they would do another investigation. Which I'm sure would turn out like the first one. So, hopefully with the help of my bank, we will be doing a chargeback. I'm very disgusted with Xbox Live and don't see myself purchasing anything else or recommending them to anyone. They should have better security and customer service

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      17th of Apr, 2012


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      9th of Jul, 2012

    My ex-husband set up an XBox live account for our son. He set it to auto-renew annually. In the meantime, my son bought a couple of $5 items for his XBox, and Microsoft stored the card info automatically. In the meantime, my ex-husband's credit card expired before the XBox Live account expired last month, and he did not update it. My son went into his XBox Live account last night and deleted his dad's expired card number. I heard him say, "Oh no!" and he ran to me in a panic saying that as soon as he deleted his dad's card, mine was automatically charged $60 for a year's subscription. When I was finally able to reach Microsoft today to explain that the charge was unauthorized and ask for a refund, the supervisor practically laughed at me. He said that the fine print I agreed to when making ANY XBox purchase was that my card would be stored and charged for any purchases on the account. I'm working with my bank to try to reverse the charges, but I'm not optimistic. This is a complete scam that also victimizes kids. Even though it's not his fault, my son is very distressed about what happened. This should be illegal. It's definitely fraud.

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