Microsoft Corporationfraud and scam


In 2000 we signed up for Microsoft's bCentral banner ad exchange program. The banner exchange program was na ad exchange where for every 2 Microsoft banner ads that displayed on our websites, Microsoft agreed to give us 1 banner ad on their websites. When we signed up the terms of the program stated that banner adds accrued never expired. In June 2007, Microsoft unilaterally discontinued the banner exchange program and wiped out all of our banner ad credits with notice or warning. We had accumulated over 8 million valued at over $10, 000 based on Microsoft's valuation. After complaining to Microsoft the maximum offer they made was to give us a $250 ad credit at Microsoft's ad center. Thanks a lot Microsoft! We earned these credits and Microsoft should make good on them. How can Microsoft act like a fly by night company? We ask that Microsoft do the right thing and make good on these credits.

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