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I went to local Micro Center located in Marietta, Georgia store on 2/11/09 to purchase a laptop that was on sale. When I arrived at the PC/laptop department there were three salesmen on the floor, two of which appeared to be assisting customers. The store had very low customer traffic and there appeared to be sufficient staffing. When I approached the two different salesmen to help me locate an available salesperson in the PC/laptop dept., I was immediately told "I am busy with a customer...SIR!" and was ignored. All I wanted was for either to contact another sales associate who would be able to assist me. I waited for approximately 15 minutes and still there were no sales associates in sight. I approached another store employee who was doing inventory. He immediately checked for availability of the laptop and about 10-15 minutes later informed me to pick it up at the register. While I was waiting, one of the sales associates who was actually helping a customer introduced the general manager, John Kale, to the customer. I observed the pleasantries exchanged between Mr. Kale and the customer (the exchange lasted about 5 minutes). Mr. Kale then approached me as if i was looking for a job and asked me if I had been helped. At this point I was pretty disgusted and just said "yes, someone has helped me." He responded by just saying thank you, handed me his card and immeidiately walked away. He didn't extend any extra effort like he did for the previous customer. This kind of selective treatment can only be characterized as discriminatory. For this reason, I will never go to MicroCenter again to make ANY purchases of a substantial dollar amount. It is clear to me that customer service comes with a don't get any for $400. This store got a failing grade... BUYER BEWARE.


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