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[Resolved] Micro Center / fraud and scam

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Bought the computer, PowerSpec V350 on Sept. 22, 2008. Paid additional cost for one-year warranty at $39.99 includes 'Lemon Policy'. The computer was prone to freeze (5-10 times everyday). Finally decided to bring it for repair on Feb. 3, 2009. Got worse, not only with prone freezing, but it refuses to add or delete some info on the computer.

Called a couple of computer experts, not with Micro Center. One of them told me the repair service at Micro Center does not know how to repair, but made it worse. With mt wits'end, I went back and declared the computer as a complete lemon. They refused to replace it even if it is still within a year for one-year warranty. I lost $547.67!

What a rip off. Contacted BBB of Central Ohio and Ohio Attorney General's office recently. Hopefully they would respond and be on my side for this ugly dispute. I would welcome any agency who would want to help me to recover the loss by either a full refund or the replacement and the renewal of warranty.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Hello Tony,

    Thank you for the comments and the opportunity to address these concerns. I represent Micro Center and would like to look into your concerns. Please accept my apologies that we were not able to satisfiy you at the store level during your visit(s) Can you please provide me with details of the purchase and attempted return. If you have the reference number from either the original purchase or the repair in Feb. I can begin researching. Any additional information can be sent to me directly at

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  • Mr
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    Microcenter here in southern California in Tustin is the worst Computer store around here, always have false advertisement, no stock on any deals, always lie to customer, support stinks, people at the store has no clues of the product thery sell.

  • Mr
      20th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Don't buy stuff from Microcenter, to to or much better service and product quality. Microcenter should be out of business, they are expensive, no stock of any product on sale, people are clueless of the product they sell. Stay away from Microcenter.

  • Ch
      15th of Nov, 2010
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    The first mistake you made was by taking it to a third-party for repairs. Additionally, the issue you speak about could be software related, ie; viruses and running too many (cpu) operations in the background. The CPU in that computer is low-entry level; you will experience some delays depending on what you're trying to do with the computer. Furthermore, If it were your hardware; for example your hard drive, which does all of the reading and writing, it would have failed already. Regardless of what the third-party tech told you, and based on your overview, I'm confident it's not hardware related.

    The best thing you could have done was kept taking the computer back to Microcenter. My family and I have bought many electronics form them in Chicago and in my personal experience, they stand behind their products as well as any leading electronic reseller. Keep in mind, like any company, they have guidelines and policy that must be met before refunding you for the item with the "no-lemon" policy.

    I've purchased CPU's from them which CLEARLY state that if the CPU is opened, you can only exchange for the SAME CPU. They have allowed me to return and swap CPU's a few times; they have proven to flexible with their policy. However, I think they know when people are trying to take them for a ride; if you know what I mean? I hope you got you issue resolved some how, some way.

  • We
      17th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Micro-center needs to go out of business. I bought two items on their web-site, both video cards for my computers - one day apart. It took two chat sessions, one phone call, and three e-mails to get my first order 10 days later. The item I got was NOT new. The box had been opened and parts were missing. I still, after 12 days, have NOT received my second order. I emailed their customer service and made sure they knew this would be my last purchase with them - not that they cared - never got a response to my emails. ANYONE WHO SHOPS AT MICRO-CENTER IS MAKING A BIG MISTAKE.

  • Bu
      3rd of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    It can't be called a lemon unless you've had it in repair at their store several times. No store, or repair shop is going to take your word for it. Why? Because people are stupid when it comes to computers, and 9 times out of 10 they think a software problem is a hardware issue. Your first mistake was not taking it back to the store immediately when you had a problem. Your second mistake was taking it to another repair shop. No repair shop I know of is going to go on the word of someone they don't know and have no idea how well trained that person is. Too bad, so sad for you.

  • Cu
      25th of May, 2011
    0 Votes
    Micro Center - Trying to sell returned bad stuff
    Micro Center
    United States

    Argh! Bought 2 hard drives. Opened at home. One hard drive okay; another showed signs of being used before (opened pack with bolts), and lo and behold -- it turned out to be bad. It must have been returned before and then pushed back to the next unsuspecting customer. Wasted an hour, gonna waste more going to the store and exchanging it. I am very disappointed...

    No, it wasn't even a "refurbished" deal or something; a usual sale.

  • Lu
      25th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was told to come to this page to tell bout my experience with micro center. Me and my husband went in looking for a lap top for my daughter . My husband had a question . And he waited till a salesman passed by and he asked, "excuse me can you tell me if this computer will play the sims games" without even slowing down he said "yeah is should" and ran off . I found that very rude . Me and my husband ended up going to best buy where they took the time to help us pick out a great lap top for my daughter. Thank you best buy

  • Di
      19th of May, 2012
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    Computers are not that tough to diagnose and fix if you know what you are doing. Taking your PC to a place that has seasoned, experienced employees. Yes, you will have to ask questions but it's worth it. A good small shop will care about he work they do and want you to come back to them again. The shop I worked in had a 48 hour policy. You drop it off and in 48 hours, it's ready to pick up... and it actually works. Quality may be a memory in a lot of places, but some of us old timers insist on it. I will not allow a machine to go out the door unless I feel it is done right. The only reason I want you to have... to come back is that you got me a cup of coffee and want to hang out for a few minutes and talk. Good customer service is not dead. You just have to look to find it.

  • Tl
      1st of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Microcenter - Sold defective computers; terrible service
    United States

    Suggested motto for the Microcenter electronics chain: We not only meet your electronics needs, we test your ability to remain sane.

    I purchased a 'house brand' desktop computer from MicroCenter. When I brought it home, I found that the D drive (DVD/CD) was not recognized by the computer. I initiated an online 'chat' with a tech representative. However, I should say it was with the ONLY representative available at the time I called, since there were long pauses between our messages, and he told me that was because he was trying to work with a number of customers simultaneously--i.e., they did not have enough tech people to hold a one-to-one tech diagnosis with their customers. The conclusion we both reached after trying to re-install the disc drivers was that the computer was broken. He suggested I return it, which I did the next day. That is when the incompetency REALLY began! I returned it, and inquired where I should remedy the situation. After a consultation with their customer service rep, I was directed to the 'pick up' area. However, the clerk at the pick up area directed me to a store manager. I showed my receipt to a manager (the only difference between this 'manager' and the lesser employees seemed to be that he wore a suit. The manager studied the receipt meticulously and scratched his head. He then conferred with three other employees -- forming a group that resembled a football team huddle (I'm not kidding!). I waited and waited, and finally it was resolved that one of them would go look for the same computer model in their storage area. As I waited for the replacement for 15 minutes, the 'head manager' came over to me, and asked me why I was waiting. I explained the situation, and she instructed a customer service person to 'locate' the 'step and fetch it guy' that was supposed to be retrieving my replacement. The customer service person put out a APB, but couldn't locate the clerk. At this point the 'head manager' put her head in her hands as though she was getting a massive headache. (I still haven't gotten to the 'good' part!) Well, I FINALLY got the replacement computer, but decided to have their in-store tech person check it out since I didn't want to drive home only to discover I had another broken computer. So, I waited for 35 minutes until a technician was available. This well-run tech department was so smooth in its efficiency that no one had either a screwdriver or a box cutter. The tech person proceeded to open the sealed box with his key (it wasn't a pretty picture). Well, computer #2 was hooked up to a monitor and keyboard, and guess what? Yup, the second computer didn't work either, and it had the same problem: it didn't recognize the CD-ROM drive. After 'conferring' with another clueless tech person, it was determined that something was wrong with this purportedly replacement computer. So, I told them to just give me a refund. Of course, that meant going to the sales counter so that they could credit my credit card for the purchase. No one said 'sorry' or apologized in any way. The only comment I heard from the 'tech experts' was "hmmm...that's odd." Well, that was just ONE ODDITY at this large electronics chain. I recommended that they check their purchase records for the previous four days, and see if anyone else had purchased the same model computer since perhaps they had an entire shipment of defective ones. The chief technician thought that was an EXCELLENT idea. Should I send them a consultant fee for helping them? Or should I just have NOTHING to do with Microcenter EVER! I think I'll choose the latter.

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