Michael Korssatchel

On 12/24/16 my husband purchased a mid size tan satchel for me as a Christmas gift at the Michael Kris store located at the Valley Plaza in Bakersfield, CA. I attempted to exchange the satchel for a different color the day after Christmas. On 12/26/16, I went into the store and asked to exchange for the exact same satchel; however, in black. The cashier proceeded with the transaction and then told me I owed $80 as the bag was on sale for 25% off the day it was purchased and that sale price no longer applied. I felt that the sales staff was dismissive of my situation and did absolutely nothing to help me. To top it off the bag that they had brought up to exchange was the floor model. I have never heard of such a ridiculous policy when exchanging for the exact same product, not even in lower end stores. I will never purchase a Michael Kris bag knowing that is your policy. That was my first time ever purchasing a Michael Kris product and will most likely be my last. Your sales staff in that location need a little more training in how to assist customers.

Thank You,
Julie Juarez

Jan 09, 2017

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