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Complaint against metro pcs – refusal to give refund on new phone purchase
Metropcs store located at 516 86th street, brooklyn, ny 11209
On saturday evening june 24, 2017, I lost my lg android phone purchased from and using service provided by metropcs. The local store is the one listed above. On sunday morning june 25, I went to the store to report this, and wanted to obtain another phone. I had insurance, but the store owner/manager named “eddie” said that there was no need to process an insurance claim since I would be purchasing a new phone. The identical phone as the one I lost was no longer made.
After discussing my options, I decided to purchase an iphone 6 at a cost of $317. Eddie processed an application for a payment plan, and I was told that I would have to pay $79 that day and that the balance would be paid by three installments of $79 each paid by automatic withdrawal from my chase visa account. The new phone was activated using my same number [protected].
On the evening of monday june 26, my android phone was found. On tuesday morning june 27, I returned to the store to obtain a refund on the iphone. Eddie said that the store policy was not to give refunds on upgrades! He added that this was the policy set by him alone as store manager, and that the company known as metropcs had no authority to contradict or change that policy. I told him that I had never been told that it was an upgrade, and I reminded him and the female employee in the store that day (Who had also been there on sunday) that he had said there was no insurance claim since I had purchased a new phone. I also said that this “store policy” did not appear on a sign in the store or on the receipt.
I left the store and called customer service. I spoke to a representative and her supervisor named ever. They both refused to give me a refund, and both of them reiterated what eddie had said about his exclusive right to set store policy and that metropcs had no authority to contradict it. Ever offered me a credit of $20 for my inconvenience. I rejected the offer. I then called eddie and gave him one more opportunity give me a refund. Once again, he refused.
Eddie's unpublished policy and metropcs' position that it will not override the policy of an individual metropcs store owner are unacceptable. Before I contact nyc, tv stations which handle consumer complaints of fraud and all applicable agencies of the city and state of new york, I am giving the company an opportunity to refund my purchase. This offer will expire one week from this date.

Jun 28, 2017
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  • Le
      Jun 30, 2017

    I had the almost the exact situation happen today...I broke my phone...they didn't have it but put in a order of transfer from a company store, , , , eta was to be three to five days...finally after almost two months i stopped in after not recieving any call from CSR or ANYONE...the crsLOLLOL... said the guy who ordered the phone no longer worked there and that it was my fault for not comming in soooner to pick the phone up...and that they sold it because (they couldn't just hold it for me...I asked...if the guy who proceced my order no longer worked there...then who processes the incomming items and calls customers when shippment arrived...csr quoted...the guy is gone so you'll just have toet another pbone...i found a pone and put money on counter and for about thirty seconds i thoiught about ity and decided that i would like to chk out the other mpcs location to see if they've got one...the csr said ti was too late for a refund...and that i would lose my upgrade and would have to wait another three months for upgrade or pay full price at the other location due to he already starting the paper work...ha...thats not the end of it but bottom line is that i did get a refund ...did go to other location and DID get the upgrade ...after 3 hrs of good csr's at the other location...oh and the guy supposedly didn't work there anymore is the same guy who refunded me and instructed me that i was barred for life at said metropcs...i caught them lying twice to me (ALL WAS ON VIDEO)

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  • Ro
      Jul 18, 2019

    I have recently purchased a Metro by T-Mobile android phone at an independent Metro PCS store on Marlowe Rd. in Santa Rosa under my daughter's account. Although we had asked for separate billing - we did not get this. After using phone a few days I decided I wanted to return it because I learned of cheaper phone deals and I found the phone app's counter-intuitive. I had been told only to return within seven days and this I did - also, I had gotten a different number, a new number, from my At&t flip-flop phone, so this was not an issue for the store, But, the woman assistant manager named Paula told me it was not returnable due to the fact I had talked more than 55 minutes on phone. This condition or what she termed a store policy was not told to me - nor was it printed on my receipt or a document provided or email sent to me to indicate store policy of any kind for returning phone and getting my refund. I have been asked to return to another corporate store who also refused to take it back because it has to be returned to the store where I purchased it! Already refused to take it. I was told by customer service at Metro telephone number online to not use the phone and re-package it when I brought it back - which I did and have done - I am not using the phone and haven't since told not to. This sounded as if they were going to refund me - not so, and I was treated with hostility by first person at store where I purchased this android for $200.00 and also lied to by Paula when I came back to return it - she claimed she had watched the salesman show me and my daughter a five minute video of how to use phone. This was a complete fabrication. I had mentioned to the salesman and this manager, Paula, that I have a documented learning disability. Perhaps, she thought she was covering her and the store's lack of instruction and providing of document of store policy? the second corporate store finally when I cried (I am very low income senior and do not drive - just getting to the two stores twice after purchase cost me close to $25.00 each trip) he offer to make a report to a corporate manager who handles these kind of problems named ANDY whose name he reluctantly provided but no phone number? I have not heard back from ANDY.

    I have filed a complaint a couple of days past now (July 16th, 2019) with the District Attorney Consumer dept. for this fraudulent retail action - primarily for not providing me with the store policy and treating me in the aftermath with hostility and lack of accommodation for my age and learning disability. I am hoping this dept. with intervene and require the independent store from Metro Corporate, to refund my money and take back the phone.

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