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H Nov 28, 2017

I bought a Phone charger 11-25-2017 around 230/3 pm, on Saturday night i smelt something burning looked down and saw it was my cell phone charger burning, i picked up my phone turned it off and unplugged my charger, i called the [protected] number and got no helped but to go to the store that sold me the cable, i went to that store Sunday 11-26-17 both employees working at the time told me they didnt know what to do, they called the manager for their store, that lady asked for pictures of the phone, gave my phone and cord to the employee to take pictures and was told i would get a call Monday with a fallow up, i called the store twice and still had no answers, i had a family member go to the store and speak to someone, they said to him nothing they can do about the phone issnt their issue. I called the Number to the Washington office that they said was the Corporate number the guy took down all my information and told me he will try and get a hold of the ASR people, i left work at 5 pm when he called back at 6pm, the manager gabby gave my family members number and a manager called him Monday at 7pm, i spoke to him and he asked for me to send pictures of my phone, i sent him pictures he said he will contact me Tuesday around 12pm i got no phone call, i called him back asking him for updated information, he said he didn't receive my pictures, i asked him why wouldn't you contact my work number if you did not receive the pictures, he said i didn't think it was that important to you.
He asked me to meet him at the store with the charger and phone and he will have to contact the other person and see how to handle this situation, i just need a new phone and my money back on the broken phone charger, yes i have insurance but this situation wasn't my fault for me to have to pay the amount. I just want this situation the be solved asap. thank you
Guy i have to meet is [protected]
[protected] job and


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