MetroPCS / dealer for metropcs at 317 havendale blvd, auburndale florida 33823

I bought a phone a this location. I was focused on the rebates and Anna told me the rebates were only online. I wasn't given an itemized receipt. I found out after I bought the phone it was supposed to have been discounted due to my qualifying for an upgrade. I went back to the store and talk to Anna. She gave me several different excuses. One that after she had told me there was no rebate she had given me a speaker (which I didn't ask for). Then she says that that add I had a copy of showing the price of the phone with the upgrade applied was "an old add". When I didn't buy that she said she DID give me the upgrade price. I asked for an itemized receipt and she said she couldn't give me one because "no one was in the office." The price she charged me was the price listed for a new customer walking in the door. It could not possibly have been discounted for being an upgrade. I'm VERY unhappy and will never do business with them again. I went back and got my receipt. When I bought the phone ANNA told me she was GIVING me a speaker because I was unhappy with not getting the rebate. WHAT SHE DID WAS...CHARGED ME FOR IT AND ITS CHARGER = UNWANTED ACCESSORIES. When I took the speaker back inside to get a refund she threatened to call the police on me!! Someone has to stop them doing this. There were two associates in the store when Anna "gave" me the speaker (Anna and a male). He looked up when she told me that she was giving it to me and even handed it to her. So they are both involved in this corruption. Google reviews show They have done this before.

May 31, 2018

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