MetroPCS / customer service and $50.00 headphones

Location:4229 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19140
Purchased last week, headphones
I went to the store and was told the ones that I brought were equal quality and when I went home to use them they didn't work properly. Took them back and was promised that they should order the ones i want. Never happened i have been to the store 5xs and was treated like crap with no new headphones! They have me a pair this morning and they were used they have rest wax and hair on them. I have repeatedly asked for the manager and had not spoken to one yet for some reason he's never in the store or just left out. I have spent a lot of money there and have brought people there to spend money. I'm so upset with them, I had surgery on Friday and I have a new born and to keep going back and forth to the store for empty promises has cause me to be in more unnecessary pain. I will never spend anymore money with this store and I'm out of $50.00.

Jun 01, 2018

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