Metro PCSstore agents and customer service

L May 22, 2018 Review updated:

When I went to pay my bill in April, I was told I could add a line and get unlimited data for $100 a month. Since my bill at the time was $85, this seemed a great deal. The agent at the store assured me that there was no other change to my plan.
After I had my new phone a few weeks, I tried to use the "hot spot" feature, only to discover I didn't have it. I went back to the store because I thought it was a mistake and was told my "new" plan didn't come with hot spot. When I told them what I was told when I signed up for the plan, they said the only way I could get hot spot was for an additional $35. That meant my bill would have jumped $50 instead of the $15 I was told. When I told them I had been mislead they said there was nothing they could do. The woman at the store called customer service and they said the same $135 a month if I wanted hot spot, even though they all acknowledged that I "might" have been mislead.

I then said "Put me back on my former plan and leave it at that!" They told me that was impossible and that I had to deal with it.

I hate the way these people treated me, lied to me, and then said "Oh, well, it is what it is!" This is definitely not the company for me if that's what they think about their customers. I want my old plan back! If that's not going to happen, as the store agent so arrogantly proclaimed, it's time to find a new company! Of course, these big companies don't really care about their individual customers so I know they're not about to do anything about the way I was treated:


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