Mercury Insurance, Homeowners Ins.Non-payment 9 months!!

Security Guard lied; I was arrested, at home, by SWAT, brutally injured, tasered 6x, needed 25/30 stitches in lips toes. Guard told cops I said goinghome to get a gun etc. I was facing 25 to life so I plead no contest. I get out of jail after 2 1/2 months and Rodney Peterson a "HANDYMAN" had joined in helping my wife with the house. He had a moving van! About 85-90% of our belongings were put in P.O.D.S. for safekeeping ($400/month). Wife had to rent a room $200/month until repairs were done. HANDYMAN stole tools, floor jacks, battery chargers, liquor, 3 shelves (60x30x16) Altec speakers, Kendig carburetor, 30+ quarts of GTX oil, NFL helmet/gumball novelty items, 350 DVDs @ $15 each, Laser disc player ($299 NEw), mini Jukebox.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hesperia, CA $thousands of dollars$ guns, ammo, gun safe, LED clock, Law library, Paralegal course $1, 500, Blacks Law Dictionary, Dell 17" laptop (pink!) Nikon camera, electronic label maker, THOUSANDS $$$ Feb 24-March 10 (??) I was in jail! Now it's been 10 months we have had Mercury reps over THREE friggin' times!? What are they looking for?? NO MONEY YET 10 months. All because of lying security guard and SWAT and Hesperia Code enforcement (lost 7 cats and 2 dogs); WE HAVE RECEIVED ZERO DOLLARS reimbursement. CRIMINAL; bad faith, frustration of purpose. insurance FRAUD on their part. ALL DOCUMENTED. oh best of all the search warrant said "battery" ! Not C battery Not D battery; no brand given, not 4 count, not 8 count. BOGUS. Mercury sucks

Jan 31, 2015

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