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Erik Sarwold has sat on my claim for over two years now. He has not tried to bribe me but he constantly makes statements like he is a medical doctor when he has almost no knowledge of medicine. Then he uses these false statements as justification for not paying my claim! I am filing a complaint against him with the California State Department of Insurance and the State Medical Board. I want Mercury Insurance to fire this guy and have someone else take over my claim and other peoples claims assigned to him who will resolve them fairly. His offers of settlement have been extreme low balls and very insulting. I also suspect he hates women and minorities.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brea, CAI am a woman and my original attorney was Latino and Erik has treated both of us like imbeciles!!! He also butted his way into claim negotiations with the original claims adjuster on my claim who already had 50% of my claim resolved. My impression-his butting in on the other claims adjuster and stating I should get nothing had two purposes-1. Make a fool out of a co-worker who he saw as competition 2. Put a woman and her minority attorney in their place!!! Get Amica or Chubbs insurance who actually pay their claims and cancel your insurance with Mercury ASAP!!! Mercury severely underpays its claims or pays them not at all!!! I cancelled my Mercury insurance I had for 20 years after dealing with him. Wake up Mercury-Erik is costing you way more in lost revenue due to insurance cancellations or Erik creating a bad reputation for Mercury than what he is saving you in illegally underpaying claims.

May 05, 2017

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