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Not buying another Mercedes moving on to a BMW I hear they have amazing customer service. My lord you pay so much money to drive a Mercedes yet when when you go in for service it takes them 2 days I don't hear from them, I had not authorized any work to be done since I was waiting for call first then finally when they decided to return my calls (Derek) explained to me that they had spent 4 hours and still couldn't figure out why I had a battery draining issue. And I would need to authorize another 2 minimum hours at a rate of $170 dollars an hour now totaling just a little over $600 dollars just to diagnose the the problem I later explained to him I was not pleased as he was to call me first. Fine I agreed to continue. Then today I call back and is put on hold for about 17 minutes only to be hung up on. Another adviser decided he would handle it from here on as (Derek) was new and apologized on his behalf So finally they isolate the issue and tell me it would cost another $1500 plus tax. I then again agree. I asked if I am gong to spend 1500 plus tax I would like a guarantee he then said I would not get one. I expect to hear that from no name dealers not Mercedes Benz but in any case I refused the work since the part was not available any where in Canada. To me that was enough hassle and money wasted yet the car is still dying so I guess. Now I am going to challenge them on the labor hours. As I believe fix it and I pay. You don't fix I dont pay. Shame on you Mississauga Mercedes Benz.

NOTE. I was told 2 hours were all the time I needed another bad call.

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      20th of May, 2014

    They never do a diagnostic, they just replace parts. My vehicle MB R500 left licence plate light burn every month and every time they replace light bulb and never try to find why they are always burning out. I asked the question and guess the answer. They said that it is more easy to replace light bulb more than finding the root cause. They replace one part and they always create another issue.

    I will never buy a Mercedes Benz anymore, will go for GM. My 2003 old Impala is still working like a charm and never got lot off trouble with it. And if I have some little issue, GM dealer fix it very well.

    Shame on MB, all MB dealer have some issue, but MB Mississauga is the worth.

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