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We ordered windows from the Menards store located on Clybourn (store # 3092 ). When we ordered these windows we were told they are standard size windows and if we could not use them the store would put them back in stock and it would cost us a re-stocking fee and we could only get in house credit. Which was o.k with us because we have 3 apartment buildings and are always having to buy large items . We are less than 5 minutes from Home Depot and we always go to this Menards. Once the windows arrived we could not get a permit to put these windows in. We went back to the service desk and showed them the paper work for these windows and ask if we could return them. We were told as long as they were in the original packages and not damaged. So we took the windows back and the manager name Bruce thew a fit and told us he didn't care what we were told that HE was the boss and HE would NOT take them back.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILWhen we tried to tell him what we were told when we bought we windows and what the service desk had told us he repeated, "I HAVE THE FINAL SAY ON ANYTHING THAT GOES ON IN THIS STORE AND I WILL NOT TAKE THESE BACK." He was very, very rude and when we told him we buy thousands of dollars of items from that store he told us he could care less if we buy from that store or not because he was the boss and what he had to say was final and walked away. We have talked to several of the sales help in that store just to see how he treats the employees and its a sad place to work and not even one person could say anything good about him. We just ask what kind of person this Bruce was and it was always the same. They would look around and all of them said he was very nasty to the help.
We spend at least 25 thousand dollars a year just keeping these building in good shape and that is not counting all the other items we have bought at this store.
If we have this kind of problem with "Mr. Attitude" I am sure other people have all so.
Thank you for your time.
Patsy Miracle

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  • Sm
      Oct 14, 2009

    Did you try filling out a complaint form? These go directly to the General office and they'll be made aware.

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  • Ig
      Nov 16, 2009

    naperville menards is the worst . from the store mgr on down.

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