Memorial Hermann / transport from memorial hermann urgent care to mh katy hospital

Katy, TX, United States

2 years ago, I took my wife to the MH Urgent Care Center in Katy. After diagnosis, she needed transport to MH Katy hospital for surgery. An ambulance was dispatched and took her to the hospital. Afterwards, no bill from a 3rd party ambulance was received, indicating that the transport was part of the care received by MH.

Last month, the same thing happened to me. I get 2 bills. One from MH for their care, which I paid. Then, I got a bill totaling about the same $$$ as my hospital bill from a 3rd party ambulance company.

When trying to approach MH about this issue, I was told it was between me and the ambulance company, absolving themselves from any fault.

If I had been told by the Urgent Care staff that an additional charge would be incurred by the ambulance company for the 15 minute ride up the Grand Parkway, I would have had my wife drive me to the hospital.

My wife and I will NEVER visit the Urgent Care center again for any medical issues after this incident. It's a shame, because the UC center is staffed by friendly folks and can get care quickly. But the hidden costs are just too much.

Oct 26, 2017

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