Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza / valet cashier very unhelpful and rude

Houston, TX, United States
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On 10/20/2017, I approached the Valet Cashier station to pay for valet parking. The Cashier (Dorothy) was on the phone speaking to her son (she told me he was 32yo and was working); as my daughter and I stood there waiting, she finished her phone call, took my valet ticket and stated I owed $15.00. I gave her my credit card which she processed and returned a receipt for my signature along with the vouchered ticket. I left and went home. On Saturday, I noticed that my credit card was missing so I planned to return to the Valet Cashier (Dorothy) on Monday morning where I would retrieve my card (I assumed she would have placed it in a locked drawer for xxx amount of days). On Monday, I went back to the facility and when I approached the Valet Cashier (Dorothy) she was very irate, angry and acting nervous. I was caught by surprise because this was a very simple matter and I could not understand why she was acting so nervous; it seemed very suspicious and out of the ordinary. She repeated several times that she didn't have my card and threatened to call Security; I was stunned and didn't understand why she was acting irate. After many people gathering around the area, I left and decided to cancel my card.

Oct 24, 2017

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