Memorial Hermann / lack of care to the point of abuse and neglect

Houston, TX, United States

Dr. Leung has refused to treat me, refused to consult with another doctor and refused to talk to me or my daughter. I had surgery on my right leg Tuesday afternoon for a broken femur. I developed blisters on my back which she looked at, when my daughter asked her to, on Wednesday afternoon. She looked at my daughter and told her she didn't know wha5 it was, asked my daughter what she thought it was and how did she think it should be treated. Dr. Leung said she would order some cream to put on it. She did NOT order anything and she would not answer any of her pages. Thursday she had another nurse from another department come look at my back. By that time the blisters had popped and there was no skin on them. She told me her recommendation was to consult with a Dermatologist. Dr. Leung refused to consult with a Dermatologist even after my daughter begged to have one brought in and said she would pay them cash. Again, Dr. Leung refused. She also refused to talk to me or my daughter. Dr. Leung ordered a different cream for my left front side. Tgere is nothing on my left front side. Everything is on my RIGHT side. My daughter has spoken to everyone she can think of at the hospital and has gotten the same answer, Dr. Leung says it's being handled. Yesterday afternoon when she came in she told us the blisters had to be treated as outpatient. We both asked how I was supposed to do that since I was confined to a bed in the hospital. She told us she had discharged me. And I still had a drain in my incision. How does one doctor have so much authority that it gets to the point of abuse and neglect?

Oct 27, 2017

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