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I callled to order the products as advertsised for 29.95. But after asking the custromer service agent a few questions, I found that I would actually be paying over $100 and be enrolled in a "subscription" of sorts. I also found out that the product comes in 3 month supplies!! What woman buys beauty products in 3 month supply bottles!

What does this mean? This means that EVERY month you will be charged a little over 30 dollars BUT you don't reciev product every month. You only receive products once every 3 months!!!
If I am paying a company every month, then I want a new shipment with FRESH product every month.
I don't have any beauty products that last 3 months. That is disgusting.

The best part is I only found out all of this information AFTER I had given the service agent all of my information for the tv advertsied 29.95 special price. I told her no thanks and was worried for weeks that they would send me products anyway. Luckily they didn't and thank goodness because the reviews are terrible for this company. Shame on Cindy Crawford for putting her name on such a slimy deal. And shame on her for trying to charge us for huge 3 month supply bottles. Disgusting Cindy! Sell the product in stores at good prices instead of using phone "wheels and slimy deals."

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      13th of May, 2010

    Average product with price scam
    First time I ordered I was charged $35 for a one month supply 15ml. I was told this monthly charge will be applied for a three month supply. So I was charged $95 and the product are all 30ml. The customer service maintain 30ml is for three months and 15 ml is first month. But their advertisement maintains that you will never be charged more than $35 for a monthly supply and sent over 3 months supply. Shouldn't they be providing 45ml?
    Any way too much to bother for a an average product that is sometimes burning and itchy. Many products on the market provide better result. Cindy needs to go back selling furniture for rooms to go and stop this price scam with that French guy. I see a lawsuit.

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