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MDG Computers - Durabook / MDG Computers is useless!

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I go to the IBT (International Business and Technology) program at my high school here in Canada; it has a focus on (obviously) business and technology. As part of the program, we were forced to buy a laptop through the school, these were Durabook models. Let me first tell you the price and specs: $1800 for a Core 2 1.73 Ghz processor with 1 GB of RAM, a 120 GB hard drive, Intel Integrated Graphics (low end, can't find exact specs), 2 batteries (one 9 cell, one 6 cell) and 3 yrs of in-school warranty (on a weekly basis). Yes, $1800, and all we got was XP Pro with Word, Excel and PowerPoint (plus InfoPath and Access) 2007. For $1800, we were given such a useless computer, I could have gotten a better model (I checked) from Dell for around $800 with 3 yrs. of next-day, in-home support. After getting the computer, many people had hardware problems; my keyboard never worked from day one, almost everyone's screen has something wrong with them, and, well, that's just the good side.

I want to make one thing clear before I continue: we were given a Windows Vista Business key, but no installation CD. I called Microsoft, and they said this was illegal. But the worst part is that the copies of XP we have are PIRATED, none were able to activate, so MDG used a USB drive with a crack or something similar (same one for everyone) to skip activation on the computers. Of course, I contacted Microsoft on the matter, they said they would look into it.

Now, let me tell you the blatant lies they told us. They said we'd be getting two 9-cell batteries with 5 hrs of battery life, we instead got a 9 cell and a 6 cell with 3 hrs and 2 hrs of battery life, respectively. They said we'd be getting a 160 GB hard drive, but we lost 40 GBs for no reason. They also promised 2 GBs of RAM, a better processor, and 'lots' of preinstalled software. The laptop itself has the fan on the bottom for some reason, and it gets incredibly hot after little under an hour of continuous use, so does the charger. The core temperature of the processor is, on average, over 60 degrees Celsius; its maximum temperature is about 100 degrees. It spikes to over 80 degrees in less than 2 hrs sometimes. The laptops are also unusually heavy; the battery alone is about 2 lbs.

I could go on forever. There are no buttons or sliding things to open the lid, instead, we have to just pull it open. There are clips that keep it closed, these often break, for a while, MDG refused to fix them, saying we were abusing our laptops; only after multiple complaints from parents did they start fixing them. They only come once a week to our school, we have to fill out a paper form and put it in a box to get a repair. And even though we have to sue these laptops for four years, they only give us a three-year warranty.

Let me end by saying DO NOT BUY FROM MDG, they WILL scam you out of your money and refuse to fix their shoddy computers, many others share my view (just search for 'MDG'), and I hope that MDG will never sell another computer. They lied to us, refused to fix our laptops, used pirated software, and took our money. And you know what? Our school is now going to allow any brand of laptop for people to bring next year. Unbelievable how a company can scam students and leave once they've made a quick buck. Or a couple hundred thousand.

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  • Md
      7th of Feb, 2008
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    wow, yo, your telling the truth, i don't get it, why don't we all just make a big group and sue them, and you didn't mention the graphics card, it's so old, you can't even play most #-D games. everything else by the way, is perfect. if i havn't made my point, to shorten this up,
    MDG SUX!!

    By: MDG SUX

  • Md
      7th of Feb, 2008
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    Sorry, lol, you did mention the graphics card, maybe not to well, but my part of that end clears it up, Good Job!

    By:MDG SUX!

  • An
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    Hey, thanks for the great post. I'm a student of ibt as well in ontario. and ive also suffered through the same dilemmas as you, i take it you are in grade nine? i believe the grade 10s got el 100's but thats beside the point. the school didnt actually force us to buy theese laptops but they did make it very clear that others were frowned upon and you would be outta luck if they didnt work. that was bull. we were in less luck with the [censored] mdgs. the warranty was a joke and the used it as an excuse to charGE $500 extra but they refused to fix 2 cent clips for a week until i referred everyone i nkew to get they're clips fixed (you're welcome) ive had mine replaced 3 times and im startign to wonder why they dont just switch for stronger clips. when i asked the heavy-accented, probably iilegal immigrant, why theyu didnt just have a button on the front, he said that all new laptops are like that. i havent seen any... and i doubt that hp would have breaking clips on their laptops. the dirability test was another joke..... the drop test was 13 inches: a complete failure, the motherboard fractured, so they only insured it for a drop of 3 inches which is like placing in on a table... WTF. the scool said theyd withstand falling down the stairs, people are already returning their laptops at 3/4 the sale price and going to buy much better hp or dell notebooks even after pocketing 500$. DONT BUY MDG, THEY USED PIRATED SOFTWARE AND CHEAP HARDWARE, THE ONLY GOOD I CAN SAY ABOUT THE COMPUTER IS:

  • Th
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    The graphics card is quite old and useless
    it has barely any power at all
    we dont even have an s-video port!
    all we has is a vga port and the "SUPER STRONG" graphics
    the graphics card is old and is was not even available for laptops that were priced $1300+ and I checked
    trust me
    these are the graphics specs:
    -Mobile Intel 945GM chipset family
    -224mb video ram
    -video card 3d acceleration
    -2.0 pixel shader
    thats all!

    there is no vertex shader and there is no video HW Transform & Lighting (that is just sad)

    btw for the fan problem, just use it as a heater, winter is coming soon anyways lol

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