Maxway / pricing, employee disrespectfulness

2105 EasternBlvd, Essex, MD, United States

I went into the Maxway store in Baltimore County Md on Eastern Ave in Essex. The cashiers name was Jen. I bought a little girls dress, which was on sale for $5.99 the sign on the rack was printed all dress $7.99 now 30% off new price $5.99. THIS dress was on sale, . The cashier rang it up at $10.00. the laundry baskets were $2.99 she rang them up at $3.99. I told her she charged me wrong and wanted her to fixed it.. This Girl JEN said very rudely and nasty I need to learn to read signs and tags. I know what the prices were, it was the reason I purchased the dress and baskets. I than told her she is not to speak to customers that way, she than told me to became a human being, the Jen was so RUDE, . DISRESPECTFUL and NASTY, I asked for the store manager and he was no where to be found. I have 3 witness to this event and either she gets FIRED, I will check or I am suing Maxway. Jen does not do this store any good. If she spoke like that to me she HAS done it before and no action was given to her, Time to get rid of her . I do retail I know this is not proper customer service . In addition I want my money returned to me that I was overcharged.

Dec 28, 2015

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