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Maxis Communications / faulty phone and failure to register warranty

1 NO. 11 Jalan SS 2 /76Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Dear Sir or Madam
Re: Letter of complaint on faulty & defective mobile phone purchase
Account No [protected] / Mobile No: [protected]
I am writing to Maxis to complain about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone I purchased from your Maxis Centre in TTDI on 25 April, 2015.

My frustrations stem largely from the fact that I work overseas in Indonesia, hence having a good working mobile phone is crucial for my work and personal life for easy contact. When I was back in Malaysia the last time in April 2015 for the Asean Summit meetings, I decided to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone since Maxis was promoting this new mobile phone.

I have been a loyal Maxis customer for more than a decade and also a Maxis One Club member, and have successfully made many purchases over the years. Unfortunately, however, this time I am completely dissatisfied with the purchase of this Samsung Galaxy S6 as the quality of this mobile phone is incredibly poor. After barely using only for one day, the mobile phone hung on 26 April, 2015. You can check your records as I did call Maxis to report this matter. I also went to the Samsung shop at KLCC. I had to reboot the mobile phone to get it started again.

Subsequently, I returned to Indonesia for work and the mobile phone just went completely dead on 4 May 2015. While the mobile phone was still on, as there was a flashing blue light at the top to indicate messages received, the screen was just completely black. I could not reboot or use the mobile phone at all, which was a real dilemma and completely inconvenient for me as I was at work at that time and in the middle of important meetings with Diplomatic and Government officials. To make matters worse, it was also my birthday and not having access to my mobile phone was really annoying and distressing since I could not access the birthday wishes from family and friends. I then had to rush home in the middle of the day to get an old phone in order to use my Sim card from the Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone.

Fortunately for me, I had a friend from Malaysia visiting at that time. So I then gave her the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be sent for repair/replacement at Samsung Malaysia upon her return to Malaysia, since I am working and unable to return myself. She sent the mobile phone to the Samsung Premium Centre in Wisma Bentley on 8 May 2015 and collected it again today on 9 May 2015. They had to change the mother board for this new Samsung Galaxy S6. Obviously the mobile phone I purchased from your Maxis Centre in TTDI was faulty and a defective mobile phone.

I am sure Maxis can appreciate my entire frustrations in this matter and my great disappointment as I feel that I have been cheated in having purchased this faulty and defective mobile phone. Furthermore I have had to sign a mandatory 24 months package of the Mobile One Plan 128 for this mobile phone. If left to me, I would ask for a full refund and return this mobile phone immediately but I am aware the terms state that goods sold are not returnable.

In light of the above, I feel justified in asking Maxis for at least a 3 months waiver of the Mobile One Plan 128, for all the inconvenience caused pertaining to this faulty and defective mobile phone purchase. With the mother board change, I have also lost all of my data as I could not make any backup when the mobile phone just crashed suddenly. I am still in Indonesia and unable to collect my mobile phone just yet and have to wait until I have meetings in Malaysia again.

I look forward to a favorable immediate response.

Thank you.

Leena Ghosh

Jun 7, 2015

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