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Sunday, January 22nd
I decided to sign up for in the hopes of finding some great connections with people. I believed that was one of the more promising online dating services out there.
As I proceeded to complete my registration, I entered all information into the boxes and chose the 3 month term, (I was happy to renew if 3 months was not enough time to really get a good use of the service and meet some people) once I chose the 3 month deal a little pop up window appeared and tried to sell me on the 6 months term, there was an option to accept 6 months or decline. I went to hit decline and ended up clicking accept instead. No problem, I'll go back and fix it (or so I thought) I spent the next hour trying to find a way to make sure I was signed up for the right term. I gave up on trying to resolve the technical issue myself and decided to call customer service (which was closed) and email the office about my issue. I received an automated email stating I would be contacted within 2 business days. It is now over 1 week later and no-one has contacted me yet. "Well...why don't you call again you say?" I have called and spoken to 2 different representatives, none of which were helpful and one was actually very rude about repeatedly saying to me how they can't help me because I used the service. All I wanted was to correct this little error, of that shady little pop up that tries to get you to buy more. Now I have to pull out the big ones and blog about it, right after I've visited my sister's office at CTV, this was supposed to be a completely different piece .
Also they charged me for 6 months on my credit card... you can imagine how elated I was to see that and still no call back to help fix the issue.
Thanks Yagan and Ginsberg!

Jan 30, 2017

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