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MasterCuts / charges higher price than posted

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Went to mastercuts in the mall. I was charged more than the posted price for the "adult haircut, shampoo and style" package. It was a shock and nothing is posted about the reason given but the hair cutter told me that was only a starting price. I paid but price increases should be discussed prior to a cut. I know regular salons have starting prices but not at walk in mall salons that advertise and post low prices. And nothing is posted about a starting price. I have tried every email and phone number on the mastercuts website in order to resolve this and none work except to leave a message. Something is wrong with this company. I never had this problem before at mastercuts.

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  • Ke
      6th of Oct, 2008

    I work for mastercuts and im sorry this happened to you try calling this Number for customer service..1-877-789-9519

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  • Se
      4th of Jan, 2009
    Mastercuts - employment
    United States

    I worked for Mastercuts before in a busy Mall. It is part of Regis Corp-supplement health benefit--Minumin wage or commission--working by your self if there is not enough employees.

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  • Ca
      16th of Feb, 2009

    i got a good haircut there, but the stylists were extremely inappropriate, talking about other customers (not in a good way!) and expressing their feelings on Arabs. Wow..i was not impressed at all!!!

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  • No
      9th of May, 2009

    All pricing sheets, signs and menus at MasterCuts CLEARLY state that everything except a basic haircut is posted as the starting price and have for the 6 years I have worked for this company. You even stated that you knew this was common practice at "regular" salons. Just because a salon won't make an appointment for you and is located inside a mall it is not a "regular" salon? Does it offer salon services and salon products? Then it is a SALON. The stylists who work at walk-in based salons have a very hectic and unpredictable schedule designed soley for YOUR convienence and in no way deserve less compensation for the time they spend on the services YOU request. Why should anyone do 1 hours worth of work for 30 mins. of compensation (this is an example) for you? Are you special? If you know this is common practice for salons, then why could you not be bothered to read the pricing sheets? It is very clearly stated (and NOT in small print) on ALL pricing materials that displayed prices are starting prices only. My guess as to why customer service is not returning your call is that you were charged for the services you received, period. It is no ones fault but YOUR OWN that you assumed that the stylists at MasterCuts should be paid less for their expertise or pretended that you had no clue this was common practice. The poor stylist who had to put up with your rude attitude while she provided services for you at your request should not be punished because you are an elitist snob. You depend on our expertise to keep your hair healthy and looking good, so maybe your attitude toward the profession should change. I would not be surprised if you have had some bad hair experiences because your attitude with a stylist is directly linked to the quality of service you will receive. I'm sure you do not like spending time with rude people and we do not either so rude people get the bare minimum of our expertise so we can get away from them. The more polite you are with a stylist the more they will go out of their way to make your hair the best it can be.

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  • Sp
      21st of Aug, 2009

    I understand the misunderstandings with the prices. I went to mastercuts, asked how much for a cut and she stated 13.95$, I asked if shampooing was much different in price, she stated 18.95$ im thinking ok its just 5.00$ more for a shampoo. Ok lets shampoo and cut. When it was all over I was charged 18.95$ plus 13.95$, 34.95$ for shampoo and cut! Was very unclear prices...I should be posted clearly so the customer will know what they are paying.

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  • Br
      27th of Jan, 2010

    I walked in Mastercuts thinking I was going to pay $16.95 for a haircut. She cut my hair, blow dried it and styled it, which I assumed was no extra because I always get it done. When I checked out it was over $50...

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  • An
      1st of Mar, 2010

    I used to go to expensive salons and spend way too much on my hair. now that i am in college and living on a college budget i decided to try mastercuts in the mall. Ive been going to them for over 2 years now and i absolutely love it. they do an amazing job and honestly its much better than most places ive ever been. However i do have to agree that the prices are very unclear. I've paid a different amount every time ive been there for the same service. Some stylist charge more if you have long hair. Some charge more if you want your hair curled instead of straighten. Even though you are paying for a "Style". I like the service and i cant complain about the price since its much less than i used to pay. But i have learned not to go get my hair cut unless i have set aside an extra 20 just incase they come up with a different price than before.

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  • An
      24th of Jul, 2010

    I just got my hair cut there and the stylist was wonderful--not extremely friendly, but she did a REALLY nice job on my hair. However, the price on the board outside of the store said $15. I was expecting to pay that plus leave a five dollar tip, making it an even $20. However, she charged me $20. I figured I must have overlooked something on the board, so I payed the $20 and still left a $5 tip, because the cut is really good. However, when I left, I looked at the board and it indeed read "Adult Cut $15." I didn't see anything stating "Starting at...".

    Still $20 isn't much to pay for a really good cut, but they shouldn't advertise $15 and then charge whatever they feel like. I'm guessing the girl thought I wouldn't tip well, as I am a college student, and went ahead and charged extra. Can't say I blame her. All that aside, Master Cuts is still far better than her sister company Regis, which is more expensive and less quality service, in my opinion.

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  • Ba
      19th of Nov, 2010

    So I went to the mastercuts in the hilo mall, I had a cut and color service done with highlights. I loved how my color turned out but I wasn't that happy about the haircut. So when the lady rang me up, my total was outrageous!! She had charged me for a flat ironing service which I did not ask for, she just went ahead and did it without talking to me about the price or the fact that she was charging me for it. she was also very pushy about me buying a bunch of products after I had told her no, I couldn't afford it. Overall I felt that I was over charged way too much. I didn't catch her name but she was an older philipino lady. I paid the price but if I ever decide to go there again, I will definetly not be going back to her.

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  • Ve
      22nd of Nov, 2010

    I have also been going to a MasterCuts since the recession and find it very difficult to establish with them exactly what the price will be unless I ask up front with a menu list of items including blow-drying, etc. Some stylists don't charge for a dry, others will. It's inconsistent and I agree with the original poster. You are not an idiot or an egotist for expecting listed prices to be what you are charged. The chick who unloaded that long series of insults on you is just nasty. I see nothing about "Starting at" on the price list at my local MasterCuts, either. I think there is some intentional obfuscation there: list very low prices, draw people in. Nothing new in that business practice, it's just frustrating and unethical.

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  • Ga
      8th of Dec, 2010

    I was just wondering when does a hair cutting place charge you money to blow dry your hair after washing it extra? This location uses pressure to get customers to pay more for their hair cuts. Call and was told hair cut and shampoo was $14.95 and when arrived was told cost extra to dry hair. Felt pressured into get Perfect package by Employee at the store. She was an Afro American and I do not recall her name. The Stylist Name was Kellie and Employee number was 33. The employee was quoting a bunch of prices and saying it cost a lots more then $14.95 if she had to blow dry hair and we did not want to leave store with wet hair. I do not like it when and employee uses undue pressure to sell something to me I did not request. Will not be requesting services at this location again. Smart Style, Store # 331, 2000 John Harden Drive, Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076, 501-985-6440

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  • Ga
      8th of Dec, 2010

    I am not going to pay someone $14.95 to blow dry hair. They cut and wash it for $14.95 and then want $14.95 more to dry. Pressures customer into buying Perfect Package for $20.95 saying that they can cut and wash for $14.95 but, you have wet hair when you leave. You wash my hair in the $14.95 price but, I can boy a hair dryer for less then $10.00. Why would I give you another $14.95 to dry my hair? That is a total waste of my money. When you wash hair you need to dry the hair for FREE! What if I get ill from you not washing my hair? You get sued is what happens! Bulling customers is bad business. Saying stuff if I put a hair dryer on you hair that is going to be $14.95 more. Is bad business. I feel if $14.95 is for cutting my hair and, washing it then $14.95 should cover drying it. That is only common sense. Why would you over charge a customer for services? Hair drying should be cover with the price of wash and cut. Why should I be forced to pay $20.95 because they want to sell me a package deal? Wash and dry free with $14.95 hair cutting. This is my opinion. Smart Style is name of place which is owned by Master Cuts.

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  • Wh
      8th of Jan, 2011

    Garfield... I work for Smart Style, and cuts are 15.50 includes a shampoo no conditioner, because not everyone uses it. and Blowdrying is usually only 3.00 more, again it is extra because not everyone gets it done... The "perfect package" was designed to give people who were having finacial difficulties an opportunity to be pampered, and for existing customers a chance to get a break on the price around the holidays, it actually is more work for the stylist, for less money normally the svcs included with the "Perfect Package" when charged out seperately would be 15.50 for cut, 3.00 for hydrating conditioner, 14.95 style... which equals 33.45 and that does depend on length ... I really don't know why your stylist would have pressured you into something like that, pressuring people is never a good way to sell... Normally I just ask if they want it, and if they don't then that is fine too... not all stylists at smart style or master cuts are the same, and mastercut is not a sister company to Regis... They are OWNED by regis... To the hateful stylist that left an entire list of nasty things she felt like saying... when I first read your post the begining was something I agreed with... But you don't give bad service because I customer was rude to you.. You are still being paid just as much by the rude customer as you are the nice customer.. You don't get to pick and choose like that, Customer service should be YOUR #1 priority always, be the bigger person, and do it with a smile. dont jack up some ones hair because you don't like them... That my friend is how you get a bad reputation... and the reason why Mastercuts, Regis, Smart Style and all the other branches are suffering... The customer svc has gone straight down the drain... Try being polite and nice to all your customers and i guarentee your business is going to grow... :)

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  • Ga
      10th of Jan, 2011

    Place who cut hair should give the customer a towel to dry their hair themselves. that would be easier then trying to push services on a person that they know they can not afford. It cost very little to wash a towel. But the place I was at wanted not $3.00 but another $14.95 to dry hair. That is way to much to dry hair when they washed in with the $14.95 package. I do not like paying an extra $14.95 to dry hair when they can give me a towel to dry it for free and let me dry my own hair.

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  • Je
      26th of Jan, 2011

    Went to take my daughter to Mastercuts because they told me her cut would cost $13.95. They stated with style and blowdry $19.95. When we were finished she rang up $34.95! What in the world?? You cannot tell a client $19.95 then say $34.95. Then the two stylist kept me there disputing their wrong doing for 20 more minutes while they were trying to figure out the price for my 10 year olds haircut! At my studio they only charge $25 for an adults cut, blowout and style even but the point is alot of people are being mislead by this company and a class action lawsuit should straighten this out!

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  • Hf
      8th of Feb, 2011

    nooneuknow, i'm sorry the stick is so far up your [censor]. that must hurt.

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  • Mo
      12th of Feb, 2011

    I visited Mastercuts today with my husband and youngest daughter. We all went for haircuts. I took advantage of their special 7 foils for $24.95.

    The prices listed all said "Starting at" on the poster hanging over the register counter. So, I expected that if something was extra I would be informed.

    My husband received a wash, cut, & style for the starting price listed for adult cuts, $16.95.
    My daughter received a wash, cut, & style for the starting price listed for a child's cut, $13.95.
    Both had their haircut my the senior stylist/manager.

    Because I wanted the foils, I had a different beautician. She colored, washed, and used toner to get rid of the brassiness in my hair. Then, she cut my hair and blow dried it. She never once asked me if I wanted any extra services. So, quite naturally I assumed it was included in the foil & hair cut that I asked for.

    I was charged $24.95 for my 7 foils, a very good deal as far as I'm concerned. My hair cut was listed on my receipt as $16.95. However, there was also a charge for $6 for Blow Drying, short hair. ????

    My first inclination was to return and ask about the extra charge, afterall, I had tipped her, as well. Neither my husband nor my daughter were charged for any extras. I decided against it and left the mall because it had been a long day and I was tired.

    I certainly think what I paid was fair for the services I received. However, I feel that it is unethical to charge for "extras" that you determine the customer needs and simply perform without giving the customer an opportunity to refuse.

    It just so happens that I have 4 children, two of which are graduating this year, and I am on a very tight budget. I feel that I should have been afforded the opportunity to turn down a service I couldn't afford to add on.

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  • Wh
      31st of Mar, 2011

    MominLA you are absolutley right... They should have explained the full price to you BEFORE you recieved the svc.. Unfortunately a cut is not normally included in the price of a color because not everyone gets a cut after they do color... How ever blowdrying is and you should not have been charged for it... I probably would have complained...

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  • Op
      2nd of Nov, 2014

    I went to Master cuts in Waco on Tuesday, 10-28-14 to get my hair highlighted. The beautician ask did i want my hair cut because the ends were dry. I told her i had a lady who cuts my hair, then decided to let her trim my hair and also bought shampoo the cost was $96.58. When i got home my hair in the back had large strands which were blonde not caramel like the top and sides, they started to break off. I debated whether to go back, but decided to return on Friday 10-31-14. I went in and the beautician which did my hair argued with me forever that my hair was the right color in the back and someone had cut my hair. i told her regardless it was my hair and i want color on the back to cover it up and to cut it to straighten up the back. Then the manager got into the conversation and the debate went on and on, i told them i want it fixed!! Finally she put the color on the back, but not until they both said i would have to pay!! i told the manager, is this all you care about is the money and not the satisfaction of your customer. Well i paid, just didn`t want the argueing, $65.95 more... I feel i should not have been charged!!!

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  • Ju
      30th of Dec, 2014

    I was considering to give Mastercut a try, but after reading's the comments (especially nooneuknow), I'll skip.

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