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Dear Sir or Madame,

I would like to complain about customer service in Massimo Dutti shop located in Kiev, Ukraine.
Also I would like to have explanation of the case and its resolving.
To begin with I had made the purchase of sandals and after wearing them twice the insole of the sandals slipped off and I decided to return it to the shop. So on 26.05.2018 the assistant recommended me to exchange it for another pair and assured me if it'd happen again I'd have the option to return it. I accepted that proposal and exchanged for a new pair of sandals. However the same story happened with these sandals and I had to return them. However today on 8.06.2018 I was disrespectfully refused to return the pair back. The manager of the shop Anna Borisivna gave such an argumentation - the guarantee of shop doesn't cover this type of defect. I was shocked. First time shop accepted it as defect and persuaded to exchange for the another pair, and second time the manager told that they are not responsible for it, that they are not able to do something about it. I was deeply disappointed and upset with this kind of service. Why it is stipulated in the police of the shop that there is a guarantee of 30 days for the goods, why it doesn't have any power in Kiev Massimo Dutti shop. Why managers are telling a lie to the client. Why managers are violating the law and consumer rights.

Massimo Dutti
Massimo Dutti

Jun 08, 2018

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