Massage Heights Franchising / lying about keeping my personal information

114th and maple, Omaha Ne, United States

When I originally bought a membership with massage heights I did so in cash so they would not have my personal credit card on file. They had told me this wouldn't be a problem. Then after I had paid, the woman at the front desk ask for my card for "liability reasons" and assures me that my card will be deleted from their system once my cash transaction went through. Which should have been immediately since it was cash. But I told her that was fine as long as my credit card did not remain in their systems.
Today at my massage I went to tip my masseuse and was asked if I was using cash or the card the had on file for me. After examination it was indeed the card they had promised would be deleted from their systems after my initial purchase. If they had told me the truth about their policy I would have went somewhere else with my money to buy a massage package. I am seeking a refund of my massage package based on the lies that in turn helped me to decide to go with them. As well and proff my information has been completely removed from any massage heights systems. Thank you for listening to my complaint. You can reach me at [protected]

Sincerely Nathan I Davis

Feb 7, 2019

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