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Massage Envy / theft

1 AZ, United States Review updated:

I went to massage envy for a massage. I had gone to this same therapist several times. I left my purse unzipped, like an idiot. I fell asleep during my massage and I woke up to find money in my wallet was missing and my Itouch. I called the police and am waiting to here back from the owner.

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      14th of Nov, 2009
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    Its kinda of hard to believe someone can fall into a deep sleep in a 50 minutes hands on and not be aware that their Massage Therapist hands have left their body to get into your purse and wallet and what ever a I touch is. I would notices if someone stop massage me I would look up to find out what going on.
    Also many massage envy are very busy places never leave anything unattended with the number of people coming and going. The therapist have very little time between session so it always recommend making sure you have all items before leave. Because as soon as your off the table they call their next back. They don't ALWAYS notice if you left anything personal behind. Anyone can walk in and out of almost any room the doors don't lock and when no one in them most therapist leave their doors open.

    I have had massages for years in Tempe and never had a problem with this location.

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      19th of Nov, 2009
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    i am an ex employee of massage envy in Washington State. I can believe it was your therapist for the same reasons I left the company. Stealing is not uncommon at massage envy and there were several times that my tips were not only stolen by front staff directly out of the till but even out of my locker. they flat out opened the envelope and left it empty and torn in my locker. The boss's only suggestion, "get a lock". Okay obvious and yeah i probably should have had one any ways. Silly me for thinking I could trust me co-workers. It has also become my opinion that massage envy will literally hire anyone with a license. There were massage therapist with all sorts of different things that i think made them unfit for the profession but got hired anyways. Being so large that your boobs almost always brush against the client and because of being out of shape led to some really awkward heavy breathing by the therapist. There were people that smelled bad, had weird jingly jewelry they always wore, smelly unclean dreadlocks. I mean the list goes on. The turn over is really high too. One because people like me quit. and the rest are all fired after about ten complaints are made. They always find reasons to cut health benefits and NEVER offer raises. Your therapist makes a solid 15 dollars for every hour of massage. Industry standard is at least 35. Maybe your person stole from you because they needed to make rent or something. Also be wary of this place, I felt my license was at risk because I learned that the clinic currently has a court order against it for SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. Three people were fired in the last month I was there, all for touching or groping or "accidentally" grazing the client with their pelvic region. Even a manager had been let go because they were suspected of bringing people in and having sex with them in the massage rooms after hours. (our boss was too cheap to get security cameras).A front desk person even had to be let go for CREDIT CARD FRAUD because when people didn't sign up for the membership, they didn't want there numbers to fall (plus they make commission however small it may be) so they signed people up anyways using the credit card they paid for that days massage with. Its a shady operation and I wanted nothing to do with. I applaud you for calling the police. If you wanted to get an attorney and launch an investigation... GO FOR IT!!! You can even go to the website for the better business bureau and see that almost any massage envy branch will have several complaints.

    And PS- People fall completely asleep in massage ALL the time. Sometimes you have wake them up when the massage is over becuase they are just OUT. People drool, they fall back asleep after you leave the room and need to be woke up again by a knock on the door. It's really not that uncommon.

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      1st of Aug, 2011
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    My wedding ring was taken out of a side pocket on the outside of my purse during my massage. The therapist acted very strange during the massage... pausing to lotion up his hands, but upon massage, his hands were dry! My watch, earrings and wedding ring were all in the same pocket, and visible by looking down into the pocket. When I went to put my jewelry on at the counter after I checked out, at the front desk, that is when I noticed my ring was missing. I went out to my car, and dumped the entire contents of my purse on my seat, and searched... I went back in and told them I couldn't find it, and they told me we could check the room. My therapist was getting his next client ready in that room, and I demanded to check, and they moved the client to another room. We searched the room and NO RING. The therapist was extremely agitated and angry. He would not look me in the eye and didn't show an ounce of worry or concern for my loss. The owner was called and he came down and talked to me, then talked to the therapist behind closed doors, and I could hear the therapist yelling at him saying he didn't take the ring. It was all so strange, I felt so violated. I went back 3 times that day to scan the lobby, the hallways, the parking lot... and the ring just vanished. UGH! I am waitin to hear back from the owner today. We'll see...

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