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I purchased over $120.00 worth of Mary Kay products at a Mary Kay Party. To all of our surprise I had a severe allergic reaction|. I was talked into trying different products instead of getting a refund|. I didn't have any luck with the other products either?. Now I am said to get around $60!.00 as a refund|.

Imagine being excited about a new "age fighting" product and waking up looking like you've been stung all over your face by a nest bees!.

That wasn't the reaction I expected, .

Mary Kay did not make my day!

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      May 21, 2012

    If you didn't have a reaction to the product at the time of the party, then you are not allergic to the product. A reaction would have happened within minutes of trying it. What has been your routine up to this point? If you have been in a routine of NOT rehydrating your skin with a moisturizer, then you would have had the same reaction no matter what product you used. As far as a refund / exchange, I think you probably misunderstood how it works. Mary Kay is 100% refundable. However, there sales slips DO SAY that anything over $25 can be refunded up to midnight of the 3rd business day. If you waited after the 3rd business day, then the consultant was doing you a favor, of which she does not have to at this point, by offering you half the money back. If you receive money back, you should return the product back to her as well.

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