Maruti Suzuki / Zen Estilo / poor repair

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My maruti zen estilo No; UP32 CS 0870 met with an accident and there was a big dent on its bonnet,

I went to leading dealer and service center of Maruti M/s Bright 4 Wheels, ring road, Lucknow. I was having Maruti Insurance and I gave my car to a supervisor called Mr. Abhishek. He assured me that they will give us best of their services. I was not in town and I asked someone to deliver my car at my house and they did so.

When I returned back to my home I realized that complete roof of my car is spoiled by some kind of chemical. Surface of the roof turned very uneven. Also there was a knocking sound somewhere in the bonnet. I called up Mr. Abhishek the supervisor, He said that I should go back there in a couple of days and He will get it checked that resolve the problem.

Again I went to M/s Bright 4 wheels, but no result I came back as I had a business appointment and I had to leave for that. Mr. Abhishek asked me to ‘come back again in a weeks time to get the problem checked and get it resolved’. For almost 10 days I kept driving my car in same condition after 10 days when I went there. Mr Abhishek called someone and got my cars roof wiped by some chemical. A boy reached out to my cars roof and started rubbing that. When I asked him what’s he doing he said that he is using cutter to make my car’s roof smooth. My cars roof is now looks worst and a knocking noise is still there.

I wish that through this medium Maruti Management will here my appeal or I will have to approach to consumer forum and appeal for Justice.


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