Marshallsunethical behavior from supervisor and manager regarding a sales item

On April 21, 2017, at about 18:35 hours (6:35pm), I visited the Marshalls in the "Downtown Crossing" area of Boston, Massachusetts. I spent about 30 minutes in that store and I departed the store very-very disappointed and angry with the Manager on duty that night and her lead Supervisor.

I went into Marshalls that evening to purchase my favorite MENS CLOTH FABRIC UNDERWEAR. I had observed half of the items in the mens sections were our of order and not properly organized. You would have thought there was a rodeo on top of the items. The underwear and T-shirts were a complete mess...items were all over the place; even on the floor. I said to myself: Obviously they have Mix Martial Arts in this part of the store because that section was atrocious!

My purpose for being in that store that evening was to purchase the "five pack" of the Hanes Mens Boxers...I love those boxers, they feel great. Nonetheless, I noticed virtually all of the items had been ripped open previously by customers. The package I wanted had about nine pieces of scotch tape all over it. It was pitifully displayed and wrapped.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Framingham, MAI took the packaged to a Supervisor and she said as long as the items are not compromised, we are not going to give you any kind of discount on that package. I could not believe what I heard!!! I requested to see the store manager and she was just as pathetic...she said the same thing. All I wanted was some sought of discount because the package had been compromised and Marshalls wrapped it up with several layers of Scotch tape...a indication of lack of professionalism, uncoof ethical behavior, tackiness from the manager and supervisor as well as a bottom of the line sales table.
I asked, would you buy your daughters something with Scotch Tape all over it? Would you buy your daughter or sister a wedding dress wrapped up in Scotch Tape. All I wanted was a discount on an inferior looking bag. If your stands is: the items are still good: then that is pathetic. That is not the Marshalls I know and never have experienced. That would have been by fifth pack in five months. I am disappointed that I had that kind of treatment on April 21, 2017 and that many of your items were pathetically wrapped. Take them off the shelf and get your management team some new training...only a suggestion
Thank you for your time,
Drew Troy

May 03, 2017

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