Marlo Furnitureno customer service


I purchased almost 10, 000 dollars worth of furniture in August 2007 for a new home. living room sofa's were 1000.00 dollars a piece. within 2months the sofa was coming apart from it seams don't even sit on the sofa's often .it took me almost 4 months to have some one come out to look at sofa. when came out said yes it is the material of the sofa so they replaced it. like 3 weeks later now both sofas are coming apart at the seams, still don't sit on sofa's often because material starts to spread.

I have been contacting Marlo's customer service department since September 2008 and I am still getting a run around that i have to call the warranty department. I call them they say call Marlo, I call Marlo ask to speak to a manager there is never one available. they are so rude and disrespectful. they put you on hold and hang up on you. they tell you one thing somebody else tells you something else from the same corporate office if that is there corporate office. then they should have been out of business along time ago the way they treat you .

it's easy for them to take your money and then they make you buy the warranty and it doesn't cover anything. furniture is not good quality at all. material is terrible. I don't even want my money back I just want some better quality furniture and to be treated better as a customer. I will tell everyone never to buy furniture from Marlo. Where do you go from here to get help. I worked hard for my money to buy furniture and I can't even enjoy it.

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