Marion Village Trailer Park / return of my deposit check

1 700 35th street Marion Iowa 52302, Marion, IA, United States
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I recently moved out of my trailer that I was renting on November 1st 2018. I was told I was going to be getting my check within 30 days. I then called the office to find out why I had not received my deposit check refund and was told that Brandy had signed off on the check and that it was to be sent out Friday and I should receive it by the next Tuesday. It now Is going on two weeks past the time I should of gotten it. Ive called the office and keep getting voicemail. I even stopped in the office today because they are open on Saturdays until 1pm. My address was 262 Lortz Drive Marion Iowa 52302. I shouldn't have to go to the extreme to make sure I get my refund. I took care of the trailer and made sure I did everything to ensure I would get my refund. I did a walkout with Brandy to make sure I was getting almost my whole deposit. She told me I was going to get $800.08 back. Christmas is right around the corner and its a big part of what I was going to buy my presents for my family. Its depressing that they can get away with this. I need that money. Ive had not one response to any of my calls to Marion Village. Something needs to be done.

Dec 15, 2018

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