MaplinsIncorrect Mains Adapter

In April 2013, I noticed that the wires on the supplied mains adapter for my Peavey mixer were becoming frayed as they were fairly thin and and I didn't want to be left without power at a gig in case they became detached. So I went to Maplin and asked an assistant for advice in buying a backup adapter. I paid £14.99 and tried the new item that very night. The mixer 'blew' immediately and I could smell burning electronics! I could not perform that night as I had no backup equipment. The very next day, I went back to Maplins and told them of the situation. The assistant said that it should have been the correct adapter and plugged everything in to test. The mixer proceeded to smoke in front of him and he became perplexed as to why this should have happened. He duly filled in a report and sent everything off to be checked by the company's engineers. A report came back that there was nothing wrong with the adapter and the Peavey mixer was already faulty! I told them to check with the assistant but every time they tried he either wasn't at work or was on holiday. The mixer only cost £110 and is less than 12 months old so is still under warranty and I also have all of my equipment insured so I'm not trying to pull a fast one, I just wanted good service and something that does the job! Maplin, to their credit, after calling me a liar in all but name, have offered to refund the cost of my new Behringer mixer (which cost £60) and the adapter, in full in the form of vouchers to be used in the shop. I told them that I would not be using their services again so they offered me half in the form of a cheque, for which I'm still waiting. I have now sent the Peavey mixer back to the company that I bought it from in the hope that they can repair it. It's not the end of the world and even at a total loss it's not going to cost me a fortune but I just feel so aggrieved that this big company can take little responsibility for their product causing damage to my equipment and just stopping short of calling me a liar!

Jun 25, 2013

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