MaplinTerrible Costumer Service and unreasonable accusation

The worst ever Maplin shop at Greenwich Shopping Park. Charlton. SE7 7SR.
Went today that shop, I always like to see what is going in electronic stuff and first thing I saw wireless 2 tb hard drive, WOW, I never head of that and I took a picture to check the later on-line ...And the guy called team leader, asked me how can I help you, I said no thank you and carried on to see what new stuff is on the market...later on I saw Heated Gloves, My God, have you ever heard of that ?, I never can think of that, so I took another picture to show my brother, as we both skiing in Alps every year, so perhaps it would be nice gadget to have such gloves. Anyway..I didn’t know, that I have been observing at all time by stuff, because I took couple of pictures on my iPhone ? I always did in any shop and even in that shop particularly and never no one told me, that this is anything wrong...Anyway..I bought a little ice scrapper and when I wanted to go to pay for that, they guy, again that team leader came and told me, that I am not aloud to take pictures in store..I asked why is that ? He said, listen this, because its against Landlord policy .:-) Well I said, I didn't take the store pictures, just particular 2-3 items, which I am interested, . He said NO, you are not aloud, !! Well, I said, OK, that's fine, I will not take any pictures. And instead of let me go out he followed me by asking me to DELETE the photos from my phones !.I said what ??? ? Anyway, I asked him in first place to show me any information, that I am not aloud to take a pictures, and he said he is a boss and he dont need to explain me...And when he said so, I just felt he must have some bad day or what, as I haven't done anything wrong...Hello !!! We are not in Asia somewhere !..
I said ok, just better I will go, as it is not going right and guess what.. He juts followed me and he said you are banned and you are not allowed to this shop.. I asked what for??? He said for SUSPICIOUS behaviour ! LOL..I said are you mad or what ? taking the pictures is suspicious behaviour ??? Anyway He called 3 more security guys, they surrounded me and I just felt this i***ts will going to do some stupid thing and I won’t pick up my kids 1 later.. Anyway I went from shop out and told them that I will not leave like this...What a ignorant and stupid reason ? No.. The truth is, that this block asked me just on the entrance how can I help you and I said no thank you and he might felt rejected or something and he starts his mission to observe me like a thief.
I felt so terrible...
Anyway .. I have my own business and I don't have a time to fight with them told him, that I will not leave like this and I will come back and I will speak with Manager.. and I will do that, whatever it cost me...
I will also write to Head Office formal complaint, as this is not normal behaviour !
What a arrogant person ...Unbelievable..
I have done nothing wrong !

Dec 19, 2013

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