Maplin Electronics Ltd.Long refund runaround

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Purchased a 'Netbook' that wouldn't work on the net (Paid via Paypal direct Debit). Brought it back in person to their store Feb 4th because it couldn't do what promised and was promised a rapid refund (apparently unable to issue refunds in the store just RMA/RTX numbers).

Called a week later "we just received it". Waited a few days more and called again, "It will be sorted out by Thursday." Called back and was advised that the refund would be issued "by Wed Feb 25" (now 21 days after they had received it back). Called Wed Feb 25 "oh, it's 'just' been processed. You should receive your refund in less than 4 days."

Each call was to the only number provided, their premium rate phone number and each call was opened with a long wait.

The staff are unable to provide customers with supervisors names or supervisors because all the supervisors are 'on the phones' and no managers can be reached because they are "in meetings" (regardless the time of day the call is received).

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  • Ar
      Sep 21, 2009

    I am not surprised with this Ann, coz right now we are having a big problem with Maplin with regards to a credit note ( not issued at all ) they claim that they issued and we had lost it .

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  • 0p
      Sep 25, 2009

    Im having the same problem with them and item i returned lest than 24 hours becuse it was faulty ive now not had my computer working becuse of the item since 13/09/09 now its 25/09/09 and still no where!!! me and my freiand was treated very poorly and to go as far a say bulled by one member of staff at Warrington Branch and some of the other staff have a bad attitue towards customer, after looking on the web its clear that maplin is not a Brand to beleve in anymore ive been going so long that i used to go to the liverpool one becuse there wasn't a warrington but after my experiance recently i will nerver use maplin anymore there are cheaper places with better customer services like CPC
    And as well i carn't find any managers emails phone numbers nothing, the way its run i would say there isn't any or thay no its bad so stay out of it

    I would suggest Watchdog if there is enough people complaining they might investigate them

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  • Pa
      Oct 08, 2009

    Don't use Maplin they are rip off merchants.
    I recently purchased an LNB for my satellite dish. The unit did not work. I returned it to the shop but they refused to exchange or give a refund as I did not have the receipt.
    Under the UK sale of goods act, a receipt is not required for an exchange, all you have to do is prove that you purchased the item from them. The LNB had a part number stamped on it that only Maplin use. Proof enough?...Oh no!
    I contacted Maplin customer service via email but after waiting 2 weeks I have not had a that's what I call customer service!
    Buyer beware!

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  • Si
      Oct 13, 2009

    I have the same sort of problems with them. Purchased an item in store which turned out to be faulty and didn't look new (had a returns label on it). Took it back to the store expecting a replacement and instead was told they must send it for inspection/repair, which would take 14 days. I had brought it for an event taking pace the following week, so wasn't happy I would not have it back in time. Maplin didn't seem to care, even when I called trading standards in front of the manager to complain. Head office equally unhelpful, ignored a complaint sent by fax and pretty much refused to speak about it on the phone.

    They claim they are within the Sale of Goods Act, which does state they have a reasonable amount of time to give a replacement/refund, but also states the customer should not have significant inconvenience So not having the item for the party I brought it for isn't a significant inconvenience?

    I'm out of pocket for £180, Maplin have the product and my money and "might" consider a refund after taking 14 days to look at the product. I think not, small claims court here I come.

    I emailed watchdog about it and have complained to Trading Standards.

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  • On
      Nov 28, 2009

    you just compalin about everything it's for you to buy stuff from maplin and use a take it want your money i think it ok to do so something there is nothing wrong with the products just dumb ### like you guys cannot use them just think it's to get money because of your own dumb ness and some of the stuff about staff or not ture because if you ask for a manager they will go get him and he come and see to you or there is a assistant manger on the floor in the bigger store there is 5manager so ### about no manager in store

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  • An
      Dec 14, 2009

    I'll have to agree. Their CS is very bad if you have to cancel, return or refund eventhough it was originally their faults.

    My good lesson is just don't buy online with maplin. NOT just they cannot guarantee on-time delivery, they have problem to refund when you refused or returned the more than a week late item (when you don't need them anymore).

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  • Ba
      Feb 17, 2010

    I'm having major problems getting a refund on 11 CCTV cables, basically, the cables are unable to provide power to the camera’s, they suggested to up the voltage and provided a mains adaptor after months of complaining free of charge, however, when I plugged in their free 15v adaptor the audio cable burst into flames (Even though the audio was not connected to anything). The customer care team suggested that I send the cables back to them, even though it's impossible as all the cables are plastered into a new build house. I explained that they had the same fault with new 'off the shelf' cables in store, but are still adamant that I send the cables back. How ridiculous is that! They refuse to send any body out to test the cables on site either. I'm out of pocket by £115...the saga continues

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  • Er
      Mar 28, 2010

    Me too. I purchased a wireless CCTV system from Maplins in Warrington yesterday but it won't work. I took it back to the store and they refuse to give me a refund because I've opened the box. (eh?)

    They've offered to replace it with another product but they don't have one I want. I can smell a solicitor!

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  • Rj
      Oct 31, 2011

    They are Con merchants. I have purchased a BT phone from Maplins in Harrow ... within 3 days I have returned a set and although that I have paid cash, the instant refund was refused on account of phone set needing to be checked. The money would apparenly be refunded withing 14 days working days. Hence first thing that I am going to do is to write to a Which Magazine ... and subsequently I will hoist this note on the Internet and on Twitter.

    Rick Jensen

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  • De
      Jul 11, 2012

    Total agreement, particularly when the manager virtually calls you a liar over a product that IS faulty. I have spent hundreds with Maplins over the years, but will never use them ever again. The managers obviously have no customer service training whatsoever

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  • Ch
      Dec 30, 2012

    I was a regular coustmer of maplin in Colchester
    And have spent thousands of pounds there
    I went there to buy a saterlight dish and while
    Being served I took an item from a shelf to look at
    In my hurry to get back to the assistant who had gone
    To get it I put the item I was looking at back
    On another shelf while the assistant was explains
    To me how the dish worked another assistant
    Acused me of stealing and ban me from the shop saying I had stolen from them before
    as I have no crimal record and I am 60 years old I want to compain against deformation of caricature chris of colchester

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  • De
      Dec 31, 2012

    One thing I have learnt, don't bother to write to the head office and complain, as nobody replies or gives any answer, since my appalling treatment by Maplins I have, as I vowed, never used them again. A shame, as its a good company but run with arrogant, ignorant management.

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  • Ke
      Dec 12, 2013

    Use bardwells NOT mapplin

    Mapplin is the most expensive rip off shop around for electronic gear and accessories

    Do not shops at mapplin - mapplin is bad news - stay away from mapplin

    Poor return, refund and exchange policy - poor management staff - bad - poor - rubbish faulty products

    They rip all customers off - fake sales and false offers; I have proof, call me [protected]

    My keyboard cost me £24.99, it’s now on offer for £’s that work?????? this is not right, be warned and be careful, do not fall foul to these mapplin scams and price cheats they do all the time, stay away from mapplin, don't ever buy from here, its bad bad bad news

    Mapplin sucks, it’s gone downhill so fast since its hay day, I used to go to mapplin in Sheffield in Hillsborough many years ago when they were small time, I’ve spent huge amounts of money with these over the years,
    no wonder the stores are always empty, the bad refund and exchange policy is diabolical and practically impossible to adhere too, its designed this way to suit them and them only,
    I will never spend another penny if the Microsoft 800 keyboard and mouse set is not sorted out pronto, I was told to go to the shop due to having no receipt, it cost me and my son time effort and bus fare both ways to go there, all in vein may I add,
    The store manager was a real armature and very unfriendly and most unhelpful,
    I will never shop here again, the key board I bought was £24.99, its obsolete in all major shops as it is very old tech now, it was when I bought it too, mapplin now have this old tat old tech keyboard and mouse set up on a special mass offer, guess what, it’s now £34.99
    The Microsoft 800 has just increased by £10 and they claiming it are on offer, disgraceful behaviour and disgusting trading antics, patronising the people who actually support and help keep this place alive and running.
    Mapplin are south Yorkshires most expensive outlet for electronics and accessories, check there price of solders against any shop across the up, you cannot get a more expensive shop than marlin,
    I suggest to anyone in Sheffield to use bardwells, you’ll save a mint on everything, trust me
    don't buy don't try because mapplin policy n staff lie

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  • Ke
      Dec 12, 2013

    avoid mapplin at all costs

    says kevin Johnson

    a shop of faulty goods - from experience

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  • Ro
      Dec 19, 2013

    The worst ever Maplin shop at Greenwich Shopping Park. Charlton. SE7 7SR.
    Went today that shop, I always like to see what is going in electronic stuff and first thing I saw wireless 2 tb hard drive, WOW, I never head of that and I took a picture to check the later online ...And the guy called team leader, asked me how can I help you, I said no thank you and carried on to see what new stuff is on the market...later on I saw Heated Gloves, My God, have you ever heard of that ?, I never can think of that, so I took another picture to show my brother, as we both skiing in Alps every year, so perhaps it would be nice gadget to have such gloves. Anyway..I didn’t know, that I have been observing at all time by stuff, because I took couple of pictures on my Iphone ? I always did in any shop and even in that shop particularly and never no one told me, that this is anything wrong...Anyway..I bought a little ice scrapper and when I wanted to go to pay for that, they guy, again that team leader came and told me, that I am not aloud to take pictures in store..I asked why is that ? He said, listen this, because its against Landlord policy .:-) Well I said, I didn't take the store pictures, just particular 2-3 items, which I am interested, . He said NO, you are not aloud, !! Well, I said, OK, that's fine, I will not take any pictures. And instead of let me go out he followed me by asking me to DELETE the photos from my phones !.I said what ??? ? Anyway, I asked him in first place to show me any information, that I am not aloud to take a pictures, and he said he is a boss and he dont need to explain me...And when he said so, I just felt he must have some bad day or what, as I haven't done anything wrong...Hello !!! We are not in Asia somewhere !..
    I said ok, just better I will go, as it is not going right and guess what..He juts followed me and he said you are banned and you are not allowed to this shop..I asked what for??? He said for SUSPICIOUS behaviour ! LOL..I said are you mad or what ? taking the pictures is suspicious behaviour ??? Anyway He called 3 more security guys, they surrounded me and I just felt this i***ts will going to do some stupid thing and I wont pick up my kids 1 later..Anyway I went from shop out and told then that I will not leave like this...What a ignorant and stupid reason ? No..The truth is, that this block asked me just on the entrance how can I help you and I said no thank you and he might felt rejected or something and he starts his idiotic mission to observe me like a tief. I felt so terrible...
    Anyway .. I have my own business and I don't have a time to fight with them told him, that I will not leave like this and I will come back and I will speak with Manager.. and I will do that, whatever it cost me...
    I will also write to Head Office formal complaint, as this is not normal behaviour !
    What a arrogant person ...Unbelievable..
    I have done nothing wrong !

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  • Sa
      Feb 09, 2014
    Maplins store Stratford E15 - terrible customer service
    5 killoran house
    Stratford London
    United Kingdom
    Phone: Galbrait h street E 14 3LR

    I payed for a tv Ariel from maplin s store Stratford .and was told there was none in stock but.when the delivery comes maplin s can deliver to my I asked when and what day this would be was told the next day which was 28 th January. 2014 .I asked lady If I'd have pay extra .she replied no.i informed her I was working next day n she still said it be in morning on 28th January. Now my Ariel didn't come when I was told and came 3 days later not even the right time.i fuming why I was told one thing .now 2 weeks still have no ariel. I phoned up Chris who is suppose to be a so called manager n this was yestaday about 12 am now after speaking to him 15 minster promised me he will sort it out.he would not be working on sunday 9th February but would left message for staff to ring on his can sort it out.suprise surprise I go to store today at 10 am spoke to a man he didn't know anything was told this so called manager who calls himself a manager has mentioned nothing to im more then are and upset .If the manager can't tell the truth.this is absolute cap ### service worst I've ever received in store in 30 years .I will take this matter as further as I can .as it's just not exceptable .I was told my tv Aries be next day.then woman in shop said she never said this why would I.lie.

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  • Dj
      Sep 10, 2014

    hiya i bought a component from maplins walsall
    the component was faulty i went back and refunded
    explained the unit wiped all my screen drivers off
    hence my pc stopped operating took alnite to repair
    anyway the assistant at this branch was very rude towards
    my wife when she responded to his rudeness
    he responded with reporting her to the local security
    and continued to insult my wife i want something done
    about this or i will respond with my solicitor...

    cheer Sean Noon

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  • Co
      Sep 21, 2014

    i recently bought a 3GB 3 network pay as you go dongle from Maplins at a cost of £75. This visit was 2 weeks ago and it was an emergency purchase after my home broadband failed for a week. On visiting PC World 2 days ago i realised that an identical 3 Network dongle was on sale for between £20 and £30. I cannot understand how Maplins can justify such a high markup compared to PC World. the dongle which PC World sold at a price comparable to the one I bought was a 12GB version.


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