Maplincaravan wash brush n23hw

I purchased the brush on 23/10/17 as part of £18.47 I had spent on goods at the store The first time I attempted to use it to clean the windows of my Motorhome I placed hot water in a bucket with a small amount of detergent. On immersing the brush the hairs immediately shrank and deformed into a hard and distorted unuseable mess.
Today I returned to the store (Coventry Gallagher Retail Park) to request a refund. I was served by Deputy Manager Steven Hawkins. On explaining to him the reason for my visit he became arrogantly defensive suggesting that I had misused the brush that is was not meant to be used with a bucket and hot water. I pointed out that nowhere in the information written on the packaging did it say this and after all it is described as a wash brush. Not a cold water brush or hose only brush. He continued to refuse any liability and had the temerity to offer to sell me a replacement. At this point I became somewhat annoyed asking if he understood the concept of merchantable quality. Since he still refused to refund I asked to speak to the store manager who as it happened was standing just a few feet away. He quickly told Mr Hawkins to give me a refund but decided to process the card repayment himself. An apology would have been welcome.
My purpose in making this complaint is two fold. Firstly I think you should know of the obvious shortcomings of this product. Other customers need to be warned that the bristle on the brush will in effect melt in hot water. There are no warnings on the packaging or on the product display area in the shop. Secondly I wish to complain at the behaviour of Mr Hawkins. He showed absolutely no empathy or interest in my problem preferring to ascribe blame and display what I would describe as an arrogant passive aggressive attitude. I have been a customer of Maplins for many years over which I have spent a considerable amount. As a retired former tutor of media studies at Coventry University I am not without connections in the current academic and student population. I have wide and active online connections. Luckily on this occasion no damage was caused to the paintwork or finish of my vehicle. I have been inconvenienced in having to travel to seek the refund and deal with an employee who would clearly benefit from some training in customer service.

Oct 31, 2017

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