Maple Call / long distance call

Maple Call, Canada

I was a customer of blue tone and comwave and call select before. The long distance companies have been changing over the years and replacing each other, but never did I experienced such poorly organized takeover. From begining of november 2018 until february 2019 I was away and didn't make any calls but got invoice from maple call for $9.18 for administrative services from december 2018 - january 2019, charges that blue tone never charged. I didn't subscribe to be maple call customer, and until february 6, 2019 I wasn't even aware of any changes.
After series of usucessful attempts to contact maple call by phone, I wrote to with requeste to be removed from their service and thanks to other people's internet poste's I will ask they erase me from their files.

Feb 8, 2019

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