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This is the worst experience I had with business class on 4/6/2018 MH149. I was left hungry with the air crew telling me there is no food for me. I'd attached the menu. First of all it's not full flight, just as I was ask to choose the main course the air steward told me my choice (fish & scallop) is no longer available... seriously?? I'm the third person from the front! I was cool about it and thought ok I'll go for beef vermicelli and it was served. However the vermicelli was way undercook I feel like I'm eating plastic. So I sent it back and ask for egg noodle from the snack menu instead. No main course for me.. no dessert was serve. I was ok I slept and woke up feeling hungry. So I was serve a bowl of fruits from snack menu. I was still hungry so I ask whether I can have another serve of fruits she went in to check and said to me no. Then I said can I have croissant from the snack menu then. I got rejected again!! She said to me she has to save for other people and only one choice per person. I couldn't believe what I heard! This is not the first time I'm on business class plus I'm a pregnant my experience there were never short supply of food to this extend! The snack menu was suppose to be free flow I never had restriction in the snack menu. I explain to her I didn't have my main, I wasn't serve dessert, I'm just asking for another snack. She had the guts to say to me the vermicelli was suppose to be in that texture and she insisted she served me dessert.. which I would know if I had my dessert or not. Not even an apology. I will never pay that kind of money to be on Malaysia airline ever again totally not worth it. Bad service. I felt discriminated.

Malaysia Airlines

Jun 07, 2018
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  •   Jun 08, 2018

    For author:
    Did you show your e-ticket and boarding pass in order to demand aanything for yourself the Malaysia Airlines
    air carrier? The answer is oviolasly "No".
    Regarding "I will never pay that kind of money to be on Malaysia airline ever again ...":
    each air carrier will happy to save time in order to avoid reading useless words.

    Such complaint repersents foolish.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations
    e-mail: aryan(at)

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