Malaysia Airlines / lies and terrible customer service seems to be malaysian airlines policy.

Kuala lumpur, MY
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I have never received such terrible customer service from any airline in my life and I am a very frequent flyer!

I was flying from Langkawi to Geneva. Malaysian airlines from Langkawi to KL and onwards with Qatar. I had a layover in KL originally before going onto Doha and then Geneva.

My flight in Langkawi was delayed by Malaysian airlines. The guy at check in said it was technical problems, another ground staff said it was bad weather. The weather was perfect and all other flights were on schedule. Not once did the ground staff or captain over the announcement apologize for the delay. That little detail would have made all the difference. Very unprofessional. No one knew what was going on and no one apologized for the inconvinience.

False promise number one: In Langkawi I was told that I would be met by ground staff to assist me going further. On arrival there was no one to meet me so I went to the transfer counter. Even though I still had 30 mins to get to my next flight they said they had already cancelled it on my behal[censored] They did not even attempt to get me there on time. I have been on flights before where there has been delays and I had a connecting flight. With other airlines the staff would do everything in their power to rush you to the gate so you could make it. Malaysian airlines really just couldn't care less and cancelled my ticket without even trying.

The next lie: When I got to the transfer desk I asked the Malaysian airline staff if he had rebooked my ticket. He told me that he had been trying to but it was MY fault that he couldn't because he thinks that it's something from MY side not allowing him to do so. Great policy MA, blame the customer first!!! I told him that this was impossible and then he immediately changed the story that he actually needed to wait to contact Qatar airways to make a new booking. So basically Malaysian airlines cancelled my flight with Qatar that I still could have made and then neglected to book me a new one until I arrived. Then instead of admitting this tried to make up an excuse blaming me!

He then went on to tell me to hold on for a minute and then went on to help the next customer. He carried on having an argument with the next customer for about 20 mins not worrying or getting back to me or trying to get me onto the next flight even though I was first in line. The staff member was just having a stupid fight with the next custome whose final destination was KL and wanted free transport to his hotel because of the delayed flight, which he was being refused but obviously this deserved more attention than my case when I had nowhere to go. When I finally interrupted this new argument going on between the useless customer service agent and the chancer passenger the MA agent rudely asked me what I wanted and that he had already dealt with me. I told him that he didn't, that he still needed to try and book me a new ticket instead of fighting with this other guy and he rudely told me to just wait and carried on with what had turned into a very personal argument between him and this other customer. After them arguing for another 15 mins I interuoted again and said that this was ridiculous. I had been standing there for 45 mins listening to an argument about free transport to the hotel even though I was first in line and my missed flights had not been dealt with.

Eventually the manager came out and told me that I still had to hold on indefinitely while he now only started the process of finding a new flight for me. He then went on to pretend that he was doing me a favor booking an hotel for me- ummmm I think I'd rather be on my way to Geneva rather than spending 24 hours in a terrible budget hotel!l

After waiting in KL after arrival until 3am in the morning (2 hours after arriving on the delayed flight) they finally managed to book me a new flight with Qatar airways leaving 24 hours later!! They got me a hotel, which was horrendous!!! And the staff at the hotel's service was just as bad as the service from Malaysian airways.

The next false promise: the manager at the transfer counter said that as compensation he would request an upgrade for me on my ongoing flights with Qatar. As I was only going to Geneva for 3 days and lost an entire day there I was very upset. When I got to check in at Qatar the next day they said that it was not even possible for a Malaysian airline staff member to request an upgrade from Qatar so this was just another blatant lie!

I was definitely not satisfied with the compensation after the very big inconvience caused to me. There was no accountability from the airlines and the staff were poorly trained and blatantly lied multiple times!! Very poor Malaysian airlines, I am highly disappointed and I will never be flying with or recommend you again!!

Nov 18, 2017

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