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S Nov 24, 2017


 I would like to lay a complaint about issues I faced, my flight from Auckland to Mumbai that were solely caused by Malaysian Airlines staff, complaint about the error done by Malaysian Airlines check in staff who issued me a boarding pass to the wrong destination, lack of cooperation by staff at Kuala Lumpur and Bangalore, my baggage missing at Mumbai airport and would like to claim compensation for the mental torture, harassment, unwanted stress, unexpected expenses because of Malaysia airlines' - lack of communication, language barrier, lack of professionalism, insensitive attitude towards travellers, lack of good customer service etc etc etc and also reimbursement of any expenses I do on purchasing things that I require due to not having my bag!!! 

I checked in at Auckland international airport (AKL) at 12.00pm (NZ time) on 23rd/11 to board a flight at 14.40 (2.40pm -NZ time) to Kuala Lumpur (KL) international, reaching to KL at 20.30 (8.30pm but 12.30am NZ Time ) & take a connecting flight to Mumbai international airport at 21.30 (9.30 pm - 1.30am NZ time ) & reach Mumbai at 11.59pm (23rd nov - 6.59am 24th NovNZ time). These were the tickets I booked & paid for.

Then I boarded the flight & my journey began. Closer to KL when the announcements were being made in the aircraft, I got the boarding pass from KL to Mumbai out of my hand bag to confirm the times & other details so I do every thing in time. To my shock I see on the boarding pass the connecting flight was at 20.00hrs. I start to wonder that how can the person/check in staff, give a connecting flight at 20.00hrs, when I only reach my KL at 20.30hrs. I was still confused so I thought I will double check at the counter of Malaysia Airlines ground staff. As soon as the flight reached KL I went to the Malaysian Airlines counter, which was around 21.00hrs & explained to them what has happened. The lady on the other side was very unfriendly, curt, unhelpful. After listening to my problem she yet asked me why I did not come in time to board the connecting flight which was really silly and showed that she was not listening to me attentively otherwise she would would not had asked such a stupid question. I told her "that I am sorry that I didn't ask the pilot to speed up so I can reach KL to get my connecting flight in time". She did not expect that answer and got annoyed at me (the staff had no empathy and did not appreciate the problem caused due to inefficiency of another Malaysian Airlines staff). After some talking she said she will issue a new boarding pass & asked me to leave the old one. She asked me number of times to be there in time (21.55 hrs) to board the flight as there was not much time left.

I was panicking a lot and I started running towards the gate which is right at the other end from where I was. I was scared that I may miss the flight. When I got there I started looking for KL - Mum (Mumbai) but could not find it so checked my boarding pass but once again boarding pass to wrong destination was issued, this boarding was issued for KL to Bengaluru, not Mumbai (again the staff did not have courtesy to inform me that she had issued boarding pass to Bengaluru, even though the ticket was for Mumbai), this is absolutely ridiculous and totally unacceptable that in spite of knowing the problem the lady issued me another boarding pass to a wrong destination. This shows utmost incompetency of the staff and their callous attitude towards the passengers

So at the gate (10), I asked this person Johari (I D # [protected]) who was dealing with the queries of number of other people who were boarding flight from the 2 gates (9 & 10) close to each other (There were 6 flights going in the span of 45min from those 2 gates). All those people were worrying that they will be late to board the flight. 1 person, Johari, was trying to deal with a huge crowd, ridiculous that Malaysian airlines cannot even have enough staff to help passengers with their queries (can you imaging how he was managing that!!).

After listening to my problem Johari spoke to few people on the phone & then passed the phone to me. The lady at the other end told me that I will have to board the flight from KL to Bengaluru & then from Bengaluru to Mumbai, as there are no flight from KL until 24th nov morning as it was almost 10pm in KL. So I agreed & asked her about my luggage & boarding pass to Mumbai, she said that boarding pass will be at Malaysia counter at Bengaluru airport - she also gave me seat no (14 D) & flight details (MH 194) & said luggage will arrive to Mumbai airport. After I checked with her few times she assured me that I will definitely get my luggage in Mumbai. So I went ahead to board the flight ( I was almost the last one at almost - 22:16 ). When I got inside, they didn't have any room for my hand luggage & so the flight attendant asked me to put it under the seat. I said it is not a small bag & I will be very uncomfortable...She said that she cannot do much. I was already frustrated, so I told her do what ever but the bag is not going under my seat! She then told me that she will put it with the other check in luggage. I told her very clearly that I have fragile stuff in there & any damages will be claimed, she agreed to take extra care.
So now I reach Bengaluru airport at around 1.30am (9.00 am 24th Nov NZ time) & saw this person named Praveen Raman Nair (assistant station manager, Bengaluru) & asked regarding my boarding pass to Mumbai. To my shock and utter dismay, he could not find my details on their online system. He could not find my name anywhere. It took him almost 1.5hrs to find my details but then finally found it & he issued me the boarding pass. Once again I asked about my luggage & he said it will arrive at Mumbai airport.
Finally at 5.45am (1.15pm 24th Nov NZ time) I boarded my flight to Mumbai & reached there at 7.15am (2.45pm 24th Nov NZ time) Flight (jet) was good. Flight attendants had smiles on their faces unlike attendants on Malaysia Airlines who didn't seem to care much about the passengers.
After reaching Mumbai I went out to collect my luggage & once again (this time I was not shocked but really really crying on my bad luck), my luggage was missing!!! I already had so many issues and this just added to the list. I just wanted to greet my family waiting for me!! I went to the the people there to help me find my luggage. They then took me to their baggage lost & found/baggage claim office & then I explained the lady at the counter my whole situation. Immediately she started making calls/emails/follow up, but to my bad luck they could not find it. I was almost in tears thinking - what if they don't find it - I have all my expensive wedding clothes, jewellery, gifts for family etc ... it was devastating! The items in bag are worth a lot of money and a lot of emotional value too, I don't want to lose it. I have come to India to attend my nephews' wedding and will have no clothes, no jewellery etc, I will have to buy everything again.

Then after she lodged a formal complaint & told me that she will try to locate the bag asap & send it home. There after I left & came out & was waiting for my family to pick me up - 9.30am ISD 24th nov (4pm 24th Nov NZ time)

My travel time was supposed to be 17-18 hours but it took me almost 25hrs to step outside Mumbai airport & then to Pune via road. 

This journey has caused me a lot of inconvenience, pain, mental torture, harassment, unwanted stress, unexpected expenses because of Malaysia airlines - lack of communication, unhelpful staff, language barrier, lack of professionalism, insensitive attitude of staff towards travellers, lack of good customer service, loss of time, stress and anxiety for my family who came to pick me up. It was mentally and physically exhausting. I ask for compensation for all of this, reimbursement of any purchases I have made and an apology from the airlines.

I would expect an immediate response to this complaint, failing which I will have to escalate this matter further.

Kind Regards

Sapna Kemkar

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