Malaysia Airlinesbiased service

My domestic flight ( Malaysia Airlines- MH2626 )was on 29 April 2017, which took off at 11.15 pm, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Seated beside me where 2 Malay girls, i am a Chinese.

During mealtime, a flight attendant named Muzaffar came by asking whether we would prefer fish or chicken, i, being seated on the aisle seat said that i would like chicken, he did not acknowledge my order nor spared a glance at me, so i repeated my order(being a frequent flyer, i knew that it was a norm for some sign of acknowledgement by well-trained flight attendants), whereupon he flashed a great big smile to my neighbours and went on graciously to explain the order since they seemed to have difficulty choosing.
After they made their choices, Muzaffar went on to say: ' here is your order, adik' with a smile. While i was wondering whether he heard my reply, i got my tray placed before me without even a glance. This was a first experience with such rude service exhibited by a flight attendant from MAS. Here was a 'premium' airline, with a flight attendant showing such outright discriminating behaviour.

Flight attendants who are only polite to people of higher status like' datuks or datins' or to 'adiks' of the same race do not live up to the standards of an airline advertised for its impeccable service.

Apr 29, 2017

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