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MagicJack stresses in its ads that you can try it free for 30 days, and that all you need to do to use it is Plus any phone into it, plug it into any USBport, and pick up your phone to talk for free.Their material even includes quotes along the lines of "This is so easy that grandma can do it!"

HOWEVER, while my magicJack just arrived at my home around Dec. 15th, I just found out today (the 20th) that it must be physically back in their hands before the 30 days since I ordered it on the phone are up or you have ipso/facto ordered their product! In other words, I would have just about had to mail it back the day it arrived! So much for a free 30 day trial!

Another example of false or misleading advertising: they rave about how you can take the magicjack with you when you travel and call free from anywhere, but neglect to mention that you actually need TWO magicjacks if you use it for all your local and long distance calls.

There is also what I consider to be misleading advertising by omission. MagicJack loudly emphasizes that one of the service you get, like free voicemail, is a free number. It neglects to mention that this means you have to have a brand new phone number which will have the same area code but the rest of it, including the prefix, may bear no resemblance whatsoever to your current number! Grandma might be able to do the installation (though see my comment below) but I bet she didn't realize that she'll have to notify all her friends and business contacts of her new number!

When they refer to the easy 1-2-3- steps, they neglect to inform you that you must fill out a very confusing registration form before you can do anything. This form does such disconcerting things as ask you to select as an option free outgoing calls. Why would that be an option if the whole point is that you just buy the magicJack and then your telephoning is all free for a year? It also includes a Terms of Sale which again refers to opting for free outgoing service... When you look at FAQ, you're told that to get answers to relevant questions (e.g. are there any times of day that are not free or is the time of the call limited in any way, ) you must look at the Terms of Agreement, but if that info is buried in there somewhere I didn't see it.

To top things off, there is absolutely no direct contact info: no address or email or phone through which you can register a complainy (as opposed to asking how to do X or Y).

I am very, very disappointed in this product and will not recommend it to anyone.

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  • Be
      9th of Aug, 2009

    It seems to work as advertised. Works great for me.If things change I will let it be known.

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  • Do
      10th of Mar, 2012

    Any Law Firm with class action suit against MagicJack...they take immediate payment of $85, know my area code code is not accessible...then make promises to refund after equipment returned...then lie to say never paid, but they say they have already make refund...just a true SCAM...and a wealthy law firm deserves more wealth paid to them by MagicJack

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  • Do
      10th of Mar, 2012


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