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MagicJack / fraud and scam

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Magic jack is a scam i would not recommend this product i would not put anyone through this *** *** junk and having that little girl lie for them on site shame on you magic ***. They need a law suit on them and especially no phone number for customer support they must not like it either for them to have magic jack and not have phone for c/s whats up with that and there chat clients are not good also they must of just started to school on customer service and still in kindergarten, magic jack you need to be put out of business and a big law suit.


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  18th of Jul, 2008
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This is the company info. However, I doubt they will help you. Basically, the company is open to ROB customer's account.
My advice file your complaint to BBB.org plus write to all the news companies that endorsed this magic jackass (CBS NEWS, CNBC NEWS, CNET, PC MAGAZINE).
  16th of Aug, 2008
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I received m magic jack and plugged it in.
It worked BUT I was getting a RADIO station instead of a dial tone!
Eventually (after upgrading the software) I got a dial tone AND the radio station.

They have the WORST customer service ever.
They are CHAT only.
You can’t talk to a person and they are obviously chatting with multiple people at the same time.
I kept asking ‘is it defective?’ and they would not reply.
Finally, after trying the piece of junk on THREE different PCS – and wasting THREE hours of my time, I was the one who had to insist that it was defective.
They agreed to send me a new one and warned me that i would be charged again IF I did not return the old one (at MY EXPENSE) within 2 weeks.

Well I never got the email with return info so I got back on to chat with another rep.

Utterly useless!!!
Apparently they tried to charge my card another 40 – and I had used a shopsafe number with a dollar limit to prevent fraud.

SO they didn’t send me info on how to return the defective device because their charge for the new one (that was not supposed to be charged) failed.

The rep (who was a supervisor) was not fluent in English and the encounter was so horrible that I told him to cancel my order and that I will return the product.

I suppose that you get what you pay for.
It would be nice to get phone service for 20 per year --- but that comes with no support and a product with SERIOUS problems.

Caveat Emptor!!!
  18th of Aug, 2008
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I had the same troubles I call B.B.B. and got results call 561-216-1464 customer service for Magic Jack .Hope this helps!!!
  27th of Aug, 2008
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  30th of Aug, 2008
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Lets start off by saying Please save yourself the head ache DON'T BUY this product. The entire infomercial looks and sounds great but they don't tell you upfront is that its really not a 30 day trial but rather a 15 day trial cause after 15 days they charge your credit card like they did mine.

They don't tell you that if you ever have a problem you WILL NEVER speak to a live representative, cause the company does not have a telephone.

They don't tell you that they are going to redistribute your personal information to other customers in their database like they did mine

They don't tell you that if you wish to send your product back it will take them 45 days to issue you a refund.

They don't tell you up front that in order to have 24/7 phone access your computer can not go into hibernation or be shut off, imagine if you have an emergency at night time when your computer is usually off and don't have access to a phone, ? or if you have a burglar and need to contact the police?

When you do call 911 they don't tell you that your actually speaking with a internet computer and not that of your local police department which by the way you have to be sure you give them all kinds of information Home address, name, phone #, etc) before they even dispatch anyone out to your home.(I don't know about you guys but I have small children, who are to young to memorize this information, and trust them to know that in a hectic situation/emergency they are going to be able to assist this internet operator to get some help in time? I mean what if something ever happened to mommy or daddy and they needed the police but didn't know the information because their to young 5, yrs old?

They don't tell you that you can not make any phone calls that require you to input #s such as if you call your bank and have to input your ss# good luck because every number you press is multiplied by 2 try inputing your account # ssi# or anything that is requiring verification data of you, sorry you can't so if the company your calling does not have a customer service rep wgile peek hours your out of luck.

They don't tell you that you have to dial your area code to make phone calls within your own city, so to call your next door neighbor you must first dial your area code.

They don't tell you that you can not be on your computer doing work because every time someone in your house picks up the phone or a call comes in a box pops up which you have to minimize, and yes you have to minimize it for every call going out or coming in, trust me its a pain especially when your spouse work is done primarily on the pc, try writing a word, power point, excel, while every 10 seconds you have a box popping up on your working screen, now you can take care of this problem by simply unplugging your phone, thus eliminating anyone in the home using the phone, or receiving calls, but hey at least you get your work done without any annoying boxes interrupting you.

They don't tell you that once you connect the magic jack to your computer, your going to be using up your systems resources, & have to update all your pc's direct x functions, so if your not a computer garu your in trouble, or you can just call their tech support and speak with someone who can walk you through the process... oh no wait sorry they have no live person you can talk to if you need any customer assistance or tech support you have to go online and chat with them. by the way good luck getting someone to log in to the chat area to assist you, lets just say that if its less then 2 minutes your one of the lucky ones.

I don't know about you folks but I wish someone would of told me all this before I spent my time and money buying this product cause now the end result is that I have no product as i sent them back and I have no money cause they have yet to date to issue a refund, and I cant speak with no one cause oh yeah there's no phone # to call the company, corporate or either wise. In closing i hope i was able to save someone the ordeal and head aches I have gone through with this company, I just hope I get my money back, I'll keep trying its now been 18 days and counting since I spoke, sorry chatted with a customer service rep. If you do purchase this product I wish you all the luck, but I'm sure I will be reading more posts about this great $20 a year phone service, I guess its true what my dad always told me if something sounds to good to be true 9 out of 10 times it usually is.-Iaz Family, Las Vegas Nv Good luck!
  11th of Sep, 2008
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I have Vonage and it has a lot of good features. Pretty reasonable to. Because of my wife and kids having cell phones we rarely use the home phone. I was looking for something even cheaper than Vonage. I have seen the MagicJack commercial numerous times and was going to give it a try. Steve, like any new product you will have complaints. I read several, but was still interested in purchasing. But after reading ALL that you have been through, I wouldn't touch this product if the gave it to me with free service. I thank you for this post and you have by far been through more than any other consumer being scammed by TragicJack. Guess I will be sticking with Vonage a little longer.
  15th of Sep, 2008
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We have had magicJack since Dec. '07. A lot of problems! Until June '08 we were unable to make calls to Europe, to date calls to Holland (country code 036) still do not go through! Local calls have very poor audio quality, are chopped up and almost impossible to understand.

The promise of a live person to contact is a lie! You get switched from one page to another both without a possibility to actually contact a LIVE PERSON. Don't buy the cussed thing, it's not worth $ 5.-, let alone $ 50.-!!!

Especially do not give up all other phone service because magicJack will not deliver!!!
  19th of Sep, 2008
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Everything you have said deals with hypothetical situations and personal preferences. Don't bash this product because you are picky and pompous. The product works amazing, the audio quality is amazing... YOU CAN minimize the box to tray and the only thing that pops up is the caller ID, here is a crazy idea... its 2008 get a network and dont install it on your primary PC if the caller ID distracts you that much... and really if a pop up bothers you to the point to deny savings of hundreds of dollars a year you need to seek help.

20 bones a year, clear communication, a solid product. Everything works great, I called my banks automated teller just to test your theory and maybe you suck at pressing numbers but I entered my SS, account # and security code from the phone with no problems.

If you don't want to use the product, that is fine stick with your 30 bones a month for VOIP, but I will be paying 20 a year for everything you have. Oh and they do have live support on the webpage.

I'm guessing you are a liberal, because almost nothing you said was true.
  21st of Sep, 2008
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The first Magic Jack did not arrive. After 2-1 hour chats, they sent a second one which arrived. It worked for about 2 days until they forced an upgrade. It no longer works. I used chat support for 2 hours and 5 minutes to try everything to get it to work. They will send me another one for another $47. I don't think I will waste my money.

The only thing worse than the actual MagicJack is the the MagicJack Chat support.

Although I only received it on September 15, I have to return it by October 5. This does not sound like a 30 day guarantee to me.

Do not buy a Magic Jack.
  24th of Sep, 2008
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Customer agent doesn't know how to handle questions. Their answers are scripted and won't address the issue being asked. Very poor customer support and cut off the chat talk when you try to file a complaint. I asked where could I buy the phone equipment (handset) and they tell you that it is included in the magicjack device. They don't know what a magicjack device versus an actual phone set. I asked how much do I have to pay for a 5 year plan and they will tell you to go to the website and click the extend license. But the price in their website is higher that what they're telling me during the chat talk.
  26th of Sep, 2008
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Just to let you know, if you use the free trial for magic jack, and use a debit card, they will charge you right away! I didn't even authorize them to charge my debit card and they did anyways. I am now dealing with live help, and they say i have to contact them in 2-3 hours b4 they can help me. Also i had no money in that account so now I'm gonna be charged a overdraft fee. It also takes up to 3 days for them to refund my debit card, but by then i will have already endured a overdraft fee.
  26th of Sep, 2008
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I sent the magic jack back, you received it on sept. 6. Ihaven't gotten my refund yet.
  1st of Oct, 2008
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I too was bamboozled. Free trial of which I never used, was not a free trial a $39.95 venture has now cost me $135, 20 and cannot get a refund check. Upon them taking more than they should have out of my account, I closed the card out so they couldn't do it again. And now they want me to give them another card so that they can refund?? Hellloooo I was dumb the first time but cannot honestly feel that they want my new account # so they can take more money out... BE WARE ALL !!! Next stop CNN News.
  2nd of Oct, 2008
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I have had the magicjack since March of 2008. I loved it. The calls were clear and reliable. I enjoyed my service for almost six months when suddenly there was no dial tone on my phone. I checked the software and I was able to dial and make calls using the microphone and speakers on my PC, but not using a phone extension. I mean, isn't that the point of the MagicJACK? That it is supposed to be a jack so you can dial from a phone.

Thinking that I could report the problem, I got online with their live chat. Chad (the live chat rep), took me through almost an hour and a half of "try this", and "Now try this". I did everything he asked and it still did not fix the problem. At about one hour and twenty minutes, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was then transferred (via chat) to Mylene (who claimed to be a supervisor). She began to diagnose all over again. I stopped her and said that I had been through all of this and that I just wanted my 20.00 product replaced. I told her that there clearly was a problem and that they should stand behind their product and replace it. She flat out told me that she WILL not replace until they can diagnose the problem. She then began to give me more "Try this". I told her that I had no intention of allowing her to waste more of my time. I told her that I would file a complaint about their poor customer care and give she and Chad a low review. She told me to go right ahead. This is exactly the kind of crap that has been allowed during the "Bush" administration. Legalized rip offs. DO NOT FALL FOR MAGICJACK! You will be disappointed sooner or later.
  6th of Oct, 2008
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I absolutely agree. I received a defective one and they said they were gonna charge my account until i send the defective one back and i did and i never received my refund. They dont have a live number and chat support is bad.
  6th of Oct, 2008
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Does anyone have the actual phone number to magic jack?
  6th of Oct, 2008
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I was sent the Magic Jack product that i did not order by mail when i hadd new internet service to my frontier phone account. I was immediately charged from my checking account 93.80 on 09/18/2008 and then 43.85 the same day with a total of 137.65. This was to be a free trial service as advertised on there website and no charges until after 30 days. This is false advertisement and verry much a scam. i never opened the packaged and was charged from my account. when i tried to contact this company i was given a number that was disconnected from the operator. No way to contact them only by computer. Please do what ever it neede to investigate this "magic Jack" company and find outwhat the deal is here. Thank You for any help you ccan provide to me. Ms. Polsinelli 928-565-2520
  7th of Oct, 2008
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I purchased magicjack and well within the 30 day return period, I decided to return the unit but couldn't get an RWA. I was finally told that there was no record of my purchase within the 30 day return period. I have proof of purchase in the form of bank visa statement showing the payment. There is no way to communicate with magicjack to contest this gross error! The customer service link is virtually hidden. Once in the Customer service site and your request is made, there is no way to contest magicjack's position! This must be a scam if there is no way to air complaints.
  11th of Oct, 2008
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you guys should file the lawsuit ..f***king I can't get the phone number to call them too.
I'm in Canada. So it different for me to handle the situation
  17th of Oct, 2008
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I use magic jack. It is a supereb product. If you were able to hear the truth, you would find that there is a simple "understanding of Technology" problem. There are ALWAYS small problems with new technology, sometimes big ones. I understand them because I am in the field of communications. The product works. The technicians do possess a language barrier which makes find your resolution more difficult. If you have financial troubles with this company, I would urge you to go after them with all your effort as this is unacceptable. But you must get your facts right BEFORE you jump on them. The product works, talk to them and tell them why yours does not and they will get it right (ALONG WITH THE OTHER 500 SIMILAR PROBLEMS), which will then satisfy more of you. P.S. I DO NOT WORK FOR, NOR AM I IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH MAGIC JACK!

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