Magazine Rewards Plus / charges after trial period and cancellation

Stamford, CT, United States

Beware this company is predatory and deceiving. They are also very difficult to get a live person to speak with as their automated system continuously repeats itself and dumps you out of your most cases my calls took three or more attempts to speak to a live person
Beware!!! Nothing is for free!
In july of 2018 I ordered an as seen on tv item. Following that phone call I was transferred to another agent that offered me a 50$ walmart gift card for trying their magazine service. It was stated that the four trial magazines were free for the first issues and if cancelled within a specific time frame I would not be sent any addition issues or charged but would still receive my gift card. I was told to watch for my confirmation paperwork that would be coming in the mail which would also contain redemption instructions for the gift card. By the end of august I had not recevieved a single magazine or confirmation paperwork. I called to inquire about this. I was told my confirmation had been sent and that the time expired for the free gift card. I immediately cancelled the service for magazines I had not received. Shortly after, magazines began appearing some of which I had not october a confirmation letter and gift card redemption letter came. Again I called to verify my cancellation. I was told I would continue to receive magazines until my cancellation caught up to what was already processed for november I realized my discover card had been charged for 24.95 both in october and november. Again I called and was told they had no record of my cancellation until sometime in october. I explained to the rep that october's phone call was related to the fact I was receiving magazines and a confirmation letter after cancellation. The rep was insistent there was no prior cancellation and that there would be no refund to my acct for the charges. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The rep stated she was a superviser and again she was not refunding my account. I was told I could dispute this via email. Honestly... Just refund my 50$ and everyone else's...

Dec 16, 2018

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